Friday, December 30, 2011

Current thoughts...

I have so many thoughts running through my mind.  I should be prepping my dining room for painting.  I should be working on my built in project or I should be cleaning.  Instead, I'm sitting here avoiding them all.  I'm excited for 2012.  I have some ideas and projects in the works.

Today started off with us getting some molding for my bookshelves around my fireplace.  I want to give them a more finished look.

The nice guys at Lowes were super helpful...and the boys loved watching them cut the pieces.

I then ran to Target for diapers...everyone knows that's code word for, I'm going to take my sweet ass time looking at all the new stuff : )  A chevron explosion has happened there BTW.

I WISH I had bought the giant white finial vases at Zgallerie for my fireplace.  I've been on the hunt for something similar to those for awhile now with no luck.

I had to laugh at these.  A few years ago I was IN LOVEEEE with these.  I wanted chrome jacks.  Searched the internet and found some but they were $$$.  Now you can find them at Hobby Lobby or luck.

*** Excited**  I love these black and white containers.  I plan on buying some for my office and putting them on the floating shelves I also plan on installing...heh....yeah...I still need to get around to that.

Finally, I saw this necklace and thought it looked cool.  I may attempt to make something like this at my jewelry night : )  Sometime soon, Eric is going to go off and work on arcades with a friend and I'm going to have all my friends over to make jewelry.  Hopefully, I will find a babysitter for Cedric and Spen will be able to play in the toy shop/basement with everyone else's kids.  If I don't make it...I might go back up there and buy it ; )


Vanessa Scott said...

That necklace is great! I love to make jewelry when my kids go to bed. It's great stress relief.


lori {the house of pruitt} said...

Haha, I was at Targetright before you and thought the same thing about the chevron explosion. I did get excited to see some new stuff. Funny you mentioned the jacks. I found one at Garden Ridge about four years ago for $5. It was beat up so I painted it and it has been in my bathroom since. They didnt have any chrome or metal ones, but I think those would be neat.

I have always thought it was funny when you love a certain thing and cannot find it anywhere, and then years later its all over the place :)

Good luck on your projects, and have a great new year!!!! :)

~Nikki Pullen said...

I agree Vanessa! It is great for stress : ) That's funny Lori about the jack because I remember finding one there and I carried it around with me in my cart but decided not to get it...hahahaa. I wanted a pair for bookends.

Wishing both you guys a wonderful New Year!