Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The past two weeks have been insane to say the least.  Two photo shoots, two Halloween parties to throw, and Halloween itself.  I also have a photo assignment this morning and then another one this Saturday.  I am spent.  I wish I could pause life for a few hours and sleep.  This morning I had to get the kids up dressed and off to my moms, then drive back over here and take pics, edit and upload them.  Then drive back over to my moms.

Ok...updates in list form... Pics from us for Halloween trick or treating at the zoo.  Eric and I went as Garth and Wayne from Wayne's world.

Spencer went at Marty Mcfly...awesomeness and Ceddy went as Doc Brown :)

Cedric's birthday was fun.  We took him to Art Sparks.  Actually we took both boys.  Then we went trick or treating at the zoo.  Ceddy opened his bday gifts in the morning before Eric went to work.  He had a blast at both Art Sparks and the zoo. 

Cedric's 1st birthday was insane...but in a good way.  I only snapped a few pictures because my house was flooded with people and my fog machine outside kept tripping the breaker.  I had an awesome turnout...around 42 people.  I had a mini freak out a few days before when I figured up how many people would actually be coming.  Cedric did awesome!  No melt downs or freak outs.  He laughed smiled and enjoyed the crowd.  The kids played games and everyone gorged on party food.  It was a a great party!!!  I can't believe my little guy is one.

Halloween was spent in a fabulous neighborhood where Martha Stewart resides in everyone's heart and is on full display with the holiday.  I was blown away by the parties, decorations and shear ambiance of the neighborhood!  I was in love.  It was the closest to a New England Halloween I would have this year!   Eric and I ditched our original costume to avoid having to wear a wig.

I'm super tired.  I have a little window project going on right now.  We shall see if it turns out or is a major disaster.  Fingers crossed it works.

I'm tempted to have a Christmas Party/ bake off.  All my friends are awesome cooks....so I'm tossing around the idea of having my friends all bring one dish...their signature dish and everyone will vote on the best side dish.  No desserts will be allowed.  I will supply the meat and dessert for the party.  I think it would be a lot of fun to have board games and holiday drinks as well. A small prize will be awarded to the winner.  So I need to decided if I should do this or not....hummmmmm....... I love all my friends cooking...so this would be an awesome party. 

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