Sunday, November 7, 2010

New self goal...

I want to learn how to properly crochet.  I am a train wreck when it comes to this.  I know there are some classes down the street from me, so I might look into them.  I love making things with my hands.  With that said my sexy hubby sewed my curtains last night. HA!  I am horrible with a sewing machine.  I always screw it up and use the wrong tension.  I also go way too fast and it ends up a dire mess.  Here's a pic of him in action!

The curtains turned out adorable especially with the mini rods.  I'm still not done, so I'll post pics of the finished project.  I'm kitchen no longer looks like a Danny Tanner reject.

I could literally kick my self!!!!  My all time favorite author came to my town and I MISSED him!!!  I adore David Sedaris.  I swoon over his humorous words and love his description of everyday life.  I missed him.  Sitting here having a mini pity party. 

Mommy ears just perked up.  The baby is downstairs with Eric and I heard him coughing.  I started to run downstairs, and Eric stopped me on the steps by yelling he's ok.  He laughs at me and my over protectiveness. 

Off to work out and do the mom thing...

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