Monday, November 15, 2010

Hippy Heart....swoon....

Ok, my psychoanalysis personality is stepping in and I'm trying to raise my son's self esteem along with injecting joy and happiness into my families life.  My two guys, hubby and son laughed when they woke this morning to positive affirmations printed on a sticky note attached to the bathroom mirrors.  We are our thoughts, and we believe what we say.  I constantly here my son say he's dumb, or he "can't" do something...eeekkkk.  I hate that.  So I thought I would try to change that by having him read while starring at himself in the mirror positive affirmations every morning.  It was simple sentences, like I am smart, I am loved. My hubby and mine are more like I am calm and I welcome joy.  We get so caught up with life, business, bills...we just need a few moments in the morning to smile and realize how truly awesome life it.  Ok...I'm a nerd.  If anything I'm sure my guys laughed at me while reading them and at least that caused a smile and smiling is proven to release happy endorphins.  So I'm getting a happy response even if it's only by default. 

My arm is sooooorrrreeeeeeee.  I had to kick three kids ass's in air hockey yesterday.  Spen's friends spent the night and I'll be damned if I go easy on them.  So I had to show them that moms can kick ass too.   Cobra Kai do or die bitches!!!  I also introduced them to Beakmans world.  The responses were mixed on the show.

I just spoke with the resource center director for my son's school and she was happy I wanted to help out with the toy collection.  I really hope I'm not getting in over my head....tee hee... We shall see.  I have a tendency to do this.  I have two parties this month, Christmas itself and a book club meeting to host.  Hummmmm....not to mention I'm installing a back splash and counter tops this weekend.  Hummmmm......the story of my life...busy busy busy. to get ready for the day. 

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