Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smaller than an elephant bigger than a bread box...some where in between is me...

I'm in between on weight right now.  I'm 6 pounds away from my goal weight.  I took a little vacation and enjoyed too much cheese and chocolate over Halloween.  But now I'm back on track with a goal in mind.  Damn you thanksgiving and xmas.  My "goal" may have to take a back seat again.  Nothing gets between me and my chocolates and cheeses.

I'm in a weird productive mood.  Only one catch...I keep screwing up everything I go to fix.  Case in point.  Last night, the spot on my ceiling bedroom has been bothering me since I took down the ceiling fan and patched it.  I needed to sand it and then paint it.  No biggie.  I gathered my supplies.  Started sanding only to discover my handle sand paper holdy thing was empty and no true sanding was being I had to go search the house for the paper.  Then I painted.  I was so happy with myself and full of energy I thought I'd "touch up" in the hallway where the old home owners had touched the ceiling with another colour. (side note...I hate painting ceilings and usually try not to)....well, I touched up all the places.  Starred and the ceiling and reassured myself that the different colour would fade...and it was only like that because it was indeed wet.  So now my ceiling has white spots which are wayyyyyyy more noticeable than the other ones.  Then I went to fix the front door weather stripping.  I thought it was kinda hard to take it out. was part of the door stripping I was trying to remove.  DUH!  So Eric was able to tuck it back in.  I even painted my doorbell cover in the hallway.  Eric laughs at me when I get into moods like this.  I start fixing those annoying things you stare at daily and make mental notes to fix one day. 

Out of the mouth of Spen is having the hardest time making his Christmas list.  He says he doesn't know what he wants.  He's seven..he should want half the toy store.  So I asked him yet again last night.  He says mom, I don't know what's out.  We don't have cable and that's how things are advertised...on TV.  I thought about it, and he was right.  Eric and I canceled cable.  We watch internet TV, and netflix.  But there are really no toy commercials on that.  He's a really good kid, and deserves a good xmas. So I have an idea of what to get him and am excited over it!!!  I love xmas morning!!!

I don't get people, nor understand them.  I have a sneaky suspicion certain people on my FB are only there to snoop.  If I try to be your friend, I am being genuine, I don't partake in high school drama.  I am going to purge a lot of people on my FB friends.  I use Fb to keep in touch with family and friends I don't get to speak with very often.  So with that being to start my to do list...I have a lot of things waiting to be scratched off.

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