Saturday, November 6, 2010

The funny parts of life...

Today, I had one of those oh no moments with my cell phone.  I had a photo shoot very early in the morning in Crestwood.  For some reason my GPS stops working properly as soon as I enter into this place...Crestwood and Indiana.  Go figure!  Anyhoo, I called Eric while in McDonald's drive thru waiting on a iced coffee desperate to find my way.  I had to shoot a Christmas bazaar for the paper and I had already gone past my arrival I was already freaking out a little bit.  Then it happened...the funny part.  For some weird reason when I got my new EVO phone all my contacts from facebook uploaded to my contacts to my phone book.  My phone call dropped and I went to press redial. for some reason my phone called my ex boyfriend.  I have a few ex's I'm friends with on my FB. I don't really hate anyone, and I was young when I dated most of them, so they really don't count.  WELL.. OMG....for a split second I froze.  I was like what to do what to do??? I starred for a hang up button but my screen had already gone to my home screen.  I ended up pressing the wrong key ( still learning at this phone thing) and I could hear it ringing...(I WAS FREAKING OUT BY THIS TIME)...praying please don't answer..please don't answer... so I finally found my end phone call button.  Yeah...I didn't need the coffee to wake me up after that experience.  I debated on sending an email apologizing for waking him up early on a Saturday morning, but decided to do nothing and pray he didn't call me back.  I ALWAYS do something like this.  I swear, why I am allowed modern technology is beyond me.  It was rather funny once my heart stopped pounding so hard.  I thought about what would I have said if he had answered and how awkward that would that have been.  I'm really really ungraceful with awkward situations.  I blurt things out and then have that where the hell did that come from thoughts and now this person thinks I have turrets.  Case in point, I once ran into an ex at Burger King.  We dated when I was super young.  I never hated him and he was a nice guy.  Well, I was so shocked to see him and I had had a VERY rough kid was sick with strep throat and I had ran him in to go the bathroom and grab a drink when he walked up to me to say hey.  I blurted out hi...and for him to stay away my son is contagious. That's all I said.... WTF???  I think it was more the manor of my yelling it at him instead of telling him that shocked him.  He gave me the woah settle down Miss Crazy look and we parted ways.  Yeah, I hate meeting people you don't expect to see out and esp if your mind is somewhere else.  I laugh now...just because I looked like an idiot. 

I also had a very scary mommy moment today.  I had to go to a birthday party.  The family all drove across town enjoyed the party but on the way home Ceddy started choking.  Not the I just drank too much milk choke, but the type of choking you are for sure he swallowed a small plastic piece.  I couldn't get to him fast hubby pulled over and I jumped out of the car.  I yanked open the door and began checking him out.  He was playing with a teething toy and I looked it over for signs of a missing piece.  Nothing..I scooped Ceddy's mouth...nothing.  He soon calmed down and I can only figure he's teething and choked on the extra saliva in his mouth. SCARED me to death.  I hate those mommy moments that your heart literally stops.  Once I realized he was going to be ok, Eric yelled for me to hop back in...I hadn't paid attention to the fact we were still in the road almost in the ditch when he pulled over and there were cars around us.  So I hopped back in and we were on our merry way.'s hard being a momma. to make curtains I go.  This shall be fun.

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