Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok, the hubs gave me a really nice compliment last night.  It's funny when guys say something they have no idea how much you truly appreciate.  I received my new boots at around 8pm...Geeshhhh...Mr. UPS man was late due to the rain.  But nonetheless I hurried and opened them like a child on Christmas morning!!!  I ran into the closet and did what every chick does when she gets new shoes...thought which outfit to wear them with first.  I grabbed some leggings a tunic and hurried and dressed.  I was looking at myself in my mirror closet when the hubs walks in and laughs at me.  He was like what are you doing?  Last time he saw me (less than 5 minutes ago) I was in sweats and a tank top, but standing in front of him I wearing a rocking outfit.  He studied me while I was looking at my feet in the mirror and simply said I like the way you dress.  I know how simple, how silly of me to actually be affected by these words.  But I told him thanks.  I asked him why?  He said he just liked my style.  I told him I try not to dress like a "mom" (but I still have the days I do) and I also try not to dress like I'm going out to a club.  I dress more like a emo kid that grew up and got a job as a librarian but sneaks off to read all the fashion magazines when no one is looking. AKA, Margot Helen Tenenbaum. I like that he likes how I dress.  It was a nice compliment that came out of nowhere.  This reminds me of all the many many many phases I have gone through.  Gwen Stefani, The Craft/goth, art, rockabilly, prep, Nancy Spungen. and the many more.  I'll never forget my sisters graduation.  My mom had gone out and purchased a nice skirt and dress top for me to wear.  I paired it with my combat boots.  Ummm....this didn't go over so well.  Then there was my dress like a coked up prostitute phase.  I was not allowed out of the house with that one.  I can't wait to see what my boys go through.  Spen loves suspenders right now.  Clothes are fun!  I'm weird, but I love funky scarfs, hats and socks.  Ok.. xmas shopping I go!

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