Thursday, November 11, 2010


My mouth hurts...I got my bottom braces put on.  I decided to go with red and green bands for xmas.  My next appointment is 6 weeks I say enjoy the holidays with style...hahahaha...tacky style at best!

I feel like Trent Reznor  in the closer video...insert techno goth music here.

Current thoughts::::

I saw a crazy man today...a truly crazy man.  I was at Marshall's and this guy comes in talking to himself and yelling.  You could cut the psychoness in the air with a knife.  I pushed Cedric closer to the check out counter and tried my best not to make eye contact.  He was really angry with the voices in his head apparently because he kept getting more and more agitated and yelling louder.  I was super happy when he was not a fun situation.

The other day was a pretty crazy day.  I decided to walk up to school with Cedric and pick spen up.  Well, on the way there a bird decides to poop on Ceddy's head (I had just given him a bath), then I somehow managed to lose Cedric's bottle on the way home and a check that I had been given.  I had to retrace my steps and by some miracle found both. I was shocked the check hadn't blown away.  I swear I'm such a  bubble head sometimes.  

Edited*** The above was written yesterday...I just forgot to update.****

So yesterday I took Cedric in for his 1 year well baby check up.  He weighed 23.6 pounds.  He did not like being there!!!  Poor Dr. Kim had to examine him practically on my shoulder. He was like a scared cat crawling up my arm and onto my shoulder.  Poor baby had to get a shot as well.  His screeched so loud and high when that happened.  I hated it for him.  He seems over it now though...happy and playing.  I discussed his lack of eating solid foods and his taste and texture issues.  Cedric will choke on things that are too thick or chunky.  He will gag himself and then throw up.  Not a fun thing to happen.  So they are referring us to first steps.  They will do an evaluation on him and see what needs to be done.  Spen had physical and occupational therapy through them, so I completely trust them and understand all the ins and outs of them.  I just hope he can work through these issues and be able to eat solids soon.  

Ok off to work out I go.

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