Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's cold out....

I can't seem to get warm today.  I guess ballet flats might be the culprit.  But I'm too lazy to put socks on while running out and about.  I have a long list of things to do sitting in front of me.  But a hot shower may be the next task I actually accomplish.

I painted my mini curtain rods.  They turned out cute! Pictures will follow once they are installed. I went to Lowes yet again today to return the rod holders and purchase new wooden curtain rings.  I pinned my curtains to be sewn and I'm waiting for Eric to get home to attach my rods to the walls.  I dare not try this task by myself.  I am horrible at hanging things.  I usually leave 6 holes in the wake of a picture hanging. 

I need a momma and Spencer date.  I haven't been out with my little guy lately alone.  I'm thinking about taking him to the coffee shop across the street and let him get a hot chocolate.  He's a funny character.  He has now realized the art of being a smart ass.  He's truly my child.  I find him amusing.

Spen lost yet another tooth today.  Two in one week!  He lost this one at school.  He was beyond excited.  It was his medal of honor in front of his friends.  I save all his teeth.  I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they are his baby teeth and they need to be saved :) 

I did not vote on this election day.  Instead I worked.  I really had no idea who all was running and what stances they have.  I had a number of lovely candidates call and ask me to personally vote for them...umm hemmm cough vomit choke.  I hate election time. 

Saving money.  I'm on a kick of trying to be budget friendly.  We really don't have a budget, hence our problem....but I am trying my best to cut corners and save money.  Our goal is to be debt free soon!  No credit cards or car payments.  It's a lovely dream.  Maybe one day it will be obtainable.  Until then...monthly payments will drain my bank account. 

I miss my bangs...I think soon I shall be going darker and having some bangs cut.

Freezingggg....ok...pointless to that hot shower I go!

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