Saturday, November 20, 2010

New countertops...

Went to IKEA last night and picked up our new countertops, ceddys book rail and light fixture. I'm debating on putting up my xmas lights outside today.  The weather will be warmer and I hate doing it in the cold.  Eric and I usually start off strong but then we begin throwing lights up because we are really cold.  I need to buy some more net lights for my bushes.

I'm excited to get started on my kitchen.  Eric and Spen went to see Harry Potter so we won't start the remodel until they get home.

I dyed my hair black.  It's a pretty black.  Eric is love with it.  He loves me with dark hair.  He's funny that way.  Spen asked me why I wanted to be goth. Ha!  Kids are funny.  My ode to Dita. I love a dark head with blue eyes and a red lip.Ok, off to nap I go.
New hair do below.

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