Sunday, November 21, 2010

So many projects!!!

My head is swirling.  I'm deliriously happy at the moment with thoughts of crafts, painting and sewing.

Currents thoughts....

I need these if any one knows where I can purchase these frames I will send a huge hug out to you...

I'm putting those on my kitchen wall and I plan on making family silhouettes to put in them.  I scratched the black scrollish IKEA frame.  With the damask curtains it would look too whore-house-ish for my taste. 

I also have few projects to do... Make this artwork.  I found an AWESOME tutorial online showing how to do this...and it will look fabulous in my kitchen.  Eric is off buying the wood now.  Squeal!!!

Ceddy's book rail needs to be installed.  I bought the rails for it... I found this awesome idea online as well.

I want to make these pillows...I need to figure out how...any tips will be appreciated immensely. 

I also want to make these pillows as well, but am coming up short finding the fabric.

I also have a project after xmas...I found it online.  It's making a bed frame bench.  I want to make it for my hallway up stairs.  I'm excited. I have so much to little time...geeshhhhhhh....

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