Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm so tired.  Eric and I have been installing counter tops and a back splash all day.  Two trips to Lowes and a third tomorrow...we ran out of tile.   It looks awesome : )  Pics will follow once we are done.  I need to go look at TJMAX for some accessories.  We ordered our chairs, on sale, free shipping!!!  I got my white frames for SUPER cheap!!!  They are empty but hanging on my wall nonetheless.  I love my hubby to death.  He is a picture hanging engineer.  I am an eyeballer.  I end up with umpteen holes in the wall, but he is precise and even breaks out all his tools to ensure perfection.  He hung 9 frames in a box pattern on the wall and matched them perfectly.  My hat is taken off to him!  My hands are so dry from the tile work.  It's going along pretty smoothly.  Fingers crossed we finish tomorrow.  Dear, Jesus let us finish.  I want my house back.  My house is a wreck due to the kitchen not being able to be used.  I also want my xmas stuff up.  I have so many things I need to do.  I need to take the kids xmas pictures and actually print them out.  I also need to print off some canvas pics and try wrapping them.  I ordered some for a client and I want to try to make myself some. I need to design my pictures for my frames in my kitchen...I'm over the moon excited about my ideas for them.

Ok,   I'm tired...good night!

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