Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

My new chairs are being delivered today.  My kitchen looks horrid and is a mess, but this shall not deter me from ripping the boxes open and putting them together : )  I love new furniture!!!

Just had to use my mommy ninja skills to cover Ceddy up.  I had to remove all of his "noise" making toys out of his play pen while he's sleeping because he tosses and turns and sometimes hits them while asleep.  He gave me a big smile when I put his blanket over him.  I love baby smiles while they're asleep : )  Melts my heart.

Holy cow, I need to work out..enough said on that subject.

Dear Mr. Redneck neighbor please move!  I swear I want to write that to my next door neighbor.  He's such a douche.  Not only has he put his mailbox in my yard, refused to move it, but now he is leaving his delivered phone book sitting in my yard beside his mailbox.  It's wet and nasty. It is taking every ounce of strength for me not to throw it in his yard.  GRRRRRRRR!!!  I hate rude people!

I have been on a search for fabric all morning for a friend.  She deserves the best.  I came up with a close match to what she wants, but we shall see.

I hate reading the news...it's full of nothing but sadness.  I need to stop this bad habit.  It just brings me down.

I am determined to get my office cleaned and organized.  I hate it.  It's annoying and I really cannot get any work done in here.  Geesshhhhh...my house is a mess.  My kitchen is almost done.  I have a few art projects in there after the grouting is done.  I'm going to make a chalkboard out of a piece of metal to be hung on the back of the kitchen island.  It can be used for magnets when ceddy is older and he can use the chalk board now.  It will be right at eye level and something fun and whimsical for the kids.  I'm sure Spen will love it too.  Eric thought it was a great idea.  It just popped in my head last night while waiting for tiles to be cut.  Eric thought we should use a dry erase board at first, but I had to remind him chalk only really writes on a chalkboard as markers can write on our white cabinets.  I need to get some more accessories for the room...but it's coming closer to being finished.  New floors for the house will come this spring.  I wish we had an IKEA here.  I need baskets and kitchen hardware.  Oh, well...maybe target and lowes will be my saving grace.

I have been mothering two sick kids.  Both kids have the stomach bug that is going around.  Spen has been sick since Thanksgiving with it.  We had to cancel all of our Thanksgiving plans and throw together an impromptu thanksgiving meal at home.  We usually go to both sides of our family. I ran out to the store and was able to put together a pretty yummy feast.  It was kinda nice just hanging out at home just our little family.  Eric and I baked and hung around the house in our PJ's.  It was kinda nice not having to run around town.  We looked through the ads and watched movies all day.  Later my mom stopped by with some left overs from her house.  It was a really nice unexpected thanksgiving this year.  Eric ended up running out the next day for Spen's big ticket item.  We were going to go shopping together on black friday, but with two sick kids we took turns running out to the stores.  Spen went to school today he's feeling better.  Poor Ceddy is still sick.  I hate when my kids are sick.  I'm waiting patiently for Eric and my turn.  My bets are that Eric will get sick first then me last.  That's how the usual turn of events always plays out.  Mom is sick last.  Although, I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight...ha!  So maybe a blessing in disguise?  Hehehheehahhahaa.  Ok...off to be lazy I go.

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