Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A beautiful day....

We went for a walk today in Anchorage.  I love how they remodeled it.  We did not walk the whole trail because we were losing light, but we will soon.  I think this is going to become my little walking spot.  I like it...you have the outdoor woodsy feeling, but in the middle of town.

Cedric is officially teething.  I literally had to hold him ALL night.  My arms and body were so stiff this morning.  I love my hubby...he got up throughout the night to help Cedric and me.  Poor little guy was in so much pain.

I scored the shark teething hoodie.  He looks adorable in it.

I also got the boys their Easter clothes.  I need to do pictures and take Cedric to see the Easter bunny. Grrrrrr.....

Ok...while talking to a friend I just remembered my love for V.C. Andrews...awwwww...the joys of my weird youth.  I think all chicks went through a V.C. Andrews phase.  I swear I read all the books twice over.  I loved them.  Now looking back, they all had the same story plot and set of events...incest, baby snatching and rape along with love and money. Made for an interesting innocent youth read.

I've been thinking about things lately and how life unfolds before us with a set of choices.  Often time we have to make decisions on our feelings and how we react to certain events.  I will never understand why people are the way they are, nor fully grasp why they choose to do the things they do.  That is merely the path in their journey they have chosen and one I choose not to follow behind.  I will not fill my heart with hatred or be mean to people.  I welcome people into my life with open arms and greet everyone as I would want to be greeted. I'm really digging this positive thinking mumbo jumbo.  

Ok, off to snuggle with the hubs.  I missed him today terribly.  We need to have a date night.  It's been months since we've gone out alone.  Maybe I can get a babysitter this weekend and have some good food and a little roller derby on the side : )

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The Half-Assed Elitist said...

I didnt get into VC Andrews until my mid 20's and I had to stop reading them after like 3 series, because you are right exact same formula in each book. I couldnt handle anymore incest after awhile.