Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photo Shoot...Workin it!!!

This week it struck me I did not have any "family portraits".  For a living I take pictures of other people all the time.  I hated that I didn't have anything of my family.  So I made a conscious decision to do a photo shoot for my family.  I knew what this would entail.  Cedric running, Spen not smiling and Eric not wanting to be in the picture....but I didn't care.  I was determined to have at least ONE good picture.  I love how they turned out!!!  So after all the drama...the chasing Cedric down and telling Spen to smile...I'm happy and I won't have to do this for another year ; P

Here are a few of my family pics from this evening.  I had wanted to wear a different outfit but being as I was taking the pictures and it was around 70 degrees I settled for something comfy.  

It's really funny because I had to run and press the timer button on my camera and jump back into place.  I need a remote timer...oh well...tis life.  Cedric was not his smiley self today for the camera...instead he only smiled at the dogs and people walking by.

We have been EXTREMELY busy this week with cleaning, putting Halloween decor up and me working.  Sheeshhhh...we have so many projects going on.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..  Off to bed I go.  Wishing everyone a great week!!!


Urska M. said...

Aaaaw! You 4 look adorable! Can imagine you had a tough, but also great time :) the photos turned out great! Much love & have a wonderful day! Xo

- Urska @

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Lois J. Lim said...

Your boys are adorable! Especially the little one. So cute!!

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