Thursday, September 29, 2011

Impromptu Dance Party...

Ok, since I'm the mom and I say what goes...I  totally called an impromptu dance party in our kitchen tonight.  It simply started with Eric playing a little Grandmaster Flash and the rest was history.  I love being silly with my kids.  Here are a few songs we played...if this doesn't make you want to are broken...heheheeee...

One of my all time favorite songs...

It was fun dancing with Spencer and it was nice dancing cheek to cheek with Eric.  I think everyone can use a little silliness in their life.  Stop and make time for happy moments!!!  Grab a hair brush and belt out the loudest off pitch version of your favorite song.  It does wonders for the soul.  It's funny even though Cedric is small he can dance a mean tango. Have a great Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stupid girl...

I have gone and messed my head up.  I made the mistake of thinking I could easily solve all my allergy problems with a sinus rinse.  I used one years ago and totally ignored my husband as he read off the directions as I hovered over my kitchen sink.  I was way too cool to listen until he finished.  I was a pro and had done this before...welllllllll...many moons had passed since that time and I royally fudged up.  I pushed the water too fast and hard into my sinus' and wowser yikes times 5.  I have had a lovely headache for the past two days.  I somehow screwed up the pressure inside my head and pushed all my lovely sinus drainage around.  It's getting better...just not fast enough.  Next time...I will stop, slow down and listen...

This weekend will be an event For the Pullens.  Our first family camping trip with Cedric.  The four of us will be going along with the cub scouts down to Mammoth Cave.  I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't excited.  I LOVE camping in the fall.  This is the first time we are taking Cedric.  Fingers crossed he doesn't escape to be raised by bears, wolves or devil monkeys.  (devil monkeys are what you see when you are intoxicated in the woods at night...true story) I know he will love it!!!  Hopefully, I can keep up with him.  My friend is going and she said she would help me out with him.  Eric is in charge of this whole trip so he has been thinking up meal plans, and hiking ideas.  He's so awesome!  The perfect dad.  He plans on taking the hiking backpack to carry Cedric along on some of the hikes.  I'm excited...I just hope my headache goes away soon!!!  I need to look up some games for the kids to do.  It's cute Eric is going to tell the kids a campfire story.  Me telling them a story was vetoed : (  Boo....just because I scared my old campers to death as a camp counselor years go doesn't mean anything...ha!  Kids are funny and will believe anything...hehehehe...

Ok...I have a few fall obsessions...

I'm in love with heeled oxfords...must have...

Color tights...swoon...

Chunky scarves...yes please...

Dark Bamboo floors...(for the kitchen and entry)

White bedding...

Source: None via Nicole on Pinterest

Modern sectional couch...

I want this watch like yesterday!!!

Gray skinny jeans...

Source: None via Nicole on Pinterest

A new fitted blazer...

Source: None via Nicole on Pinterest

and finally Christina Hendricks...because she's just fabulous!!!

Serious note...

My mind has been kinda adrift lately.  I keep thinking about past events and friends.  I really miss a couple people who I shut out of my life.  I believe people can change.  I hope they have.  I hate that I had to end my friendships with them...but at the time it was for the best.  I wish them well in their journey and I hope maybe one day we will meet again as friends.  Life has a funny way of working out.  It's one revolving cycle of karma, love and serendipity. I've learned never to say never and never to make solid plans. ( Kinda silly..) But I've always believed if someone keeps coming into your mind, they are thinking about you.  Maybe, these two people are thinking about me...who knows.  I just hate the way things ended and I hate things never were resolved.  I'm a firm believer in that your life should be full of love...not hostility.  So honestly, if I met these two old friends out I'd greet them with a hug instead of harsh words.  Happiness is way too important than to have anger in your heart.  My husband and I are firm believers in forgiveness and letting go.  Everyone has their own issues and make their own mistakes...don't take on their karma or their judgement as your own.  Let go of any negative thoughts and misgivings and only embrace the good in people.  It's hard to do...I'm not going to lie...I struggle with this.  Some people are just jerks and constantly remind you why you do not like them...but for the mass...most people are good and want to just be loved.  This is why I only surround myself with people I trust and that have honest hearts.  My friends are the sweetest group of people.  Back to the topic...sending out hugs to the ones I left behind...

My head is in this state of not knowing if it wants to hurt...I think laying down may solve my headache so off I go.    Wishing everyone a day full of love and happiness!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Workin' it!

Today has been a pretty busy laid back day.  Kinda an oxymoron, but yes.  This morning my friend and I took the boys to the comic book store to buy more comics for Cedric's party decor.  The boys LOVE going there and they pick out some comics for themselves while I rummage through the 25 cent bin.  I don't feel as bad cutting up the old comics.  But, I make it a point to not let the boys tell them what I'm there for.  There are some hardcore comic fans out there and I don't want a fist fight over birthday decor.  So it happened we ran into another parent we know there who happens to be a hardcore comic book fan.  He asked us what we were doing with all the comics.  I told him it's for my son's birthday party and he questioned oh for what... pause...I froze, my friend froze and he chimed in...oh, as favors...that's cool.  Yeah, as favors we both agreed looking like deer in headlights.  (side note, perfect idea and totally plan on doing that too) We laughed about it in the car.  

We then went to an awesome little shop that I've been dying to go to.  It's a vintage clothing shop.  The boys weren't as amused, but hey...mama wants to look.  Eric was watching Cedric and rarely do I have this chance.  It so happened we talked with the owner and told her we make things.  I knit cowls and Sarah makes clothing. (side note, Sarah is way better at knitting than me too)  She said she would totally sell some of our stuff there.  How freaking awesome!!!  I need to whip up some kickass cowls.  (Next week project) Yarn and funky buttons here I come.  Sarah plans to whip up a vintage dress.  I also told the owner about my friend Nikki and her awesome sewing skills and she said she'd love to sell her stuff too.  (I need to inform Nikki about this)

We then came home to sell some cub scout popcorn.  The boys did awesome!!!

Us moms lugged the popcorn...damn my neighborhoods hills...

We also ran to the store bought a clear coat for my hardware and then painted some more...

Story here...
Ok, I have two french doors that separate my family and formal living rooms.  When we bought the doorknobs for the house the dummy door knobs needed for those doors would have been $40.  Ummm...on top of everything we already  For some reason they were more expensive then passage way doorknobs. So...I decided to paint them.

Eric and Sarah laughed at my painting contraptions...

Eric and I are going to attempt to paint the door hinges. Wish us luck!!!  I'm super impressed with the spray's actually really awesome.  I was on the fence about it...but after using it with the auto primer and clear coat....they feel just like my purchased ones...and I guarantee those were painted in a factory too.  It's all in the prep and quality of paint.

Then while in the middle of coats we worked on Cedric's comic initials.  I need to put a clear coat on the two we did tonight and we will be done!!! 

Tomorrow...tomorrow...I think I may just stay in bed...

Friday, September 23, 2011

"She's Crafty"

Today was my ode to the Beastie Boys...

I have been very busy....

 Ok, as I mentioned before I wanted to paint my bi-fold doorknobs Black (rubbed bronze).  Well, I did today.  I still need to pick up my clear coat...but YAY!!!  They turned out awesome!!!

I totally ghetto rigged them for painting.  In this pic if you look close enough you can see the cool patina it is drying. The camera did not pick up the bronze sparkles in the paint. Looks very awesome and I was highly impressed with the spray paints. 

My ghetto rig contraption was twine tied to two garbage neighbors probably think I'm nuts...

I LOVE this stuff : )

{Here is the tutorial I used to do this project )

Other project I started on...

I used mode podge to adhere the vintage comic books ( they were only worth 25 cents) and I used a clear coat over that.  I have two more letters to do for Cedric's party.  I'm just doing his initials.  I'm cheap. My friend is coming over tomorrow and we might make more banners but a trip back to the comic book store will be in order : )

I'm loving how it's turning out.  The fun thing is after the party is over I'm going to use all the decor for the play room downstairs.  Recycle and re-purpose is what I'm all about : )

Have a great weekend guys and get your craft on!!!

Ugly day out...

It's rainy and just plain yucky out.  I feel like crawling back into bed with a good book or movie....but my toddler has other plans.  Currently, he is running from room to room turning things on and running back to me.  I was just taken away by him.  He runs to me says out out hand hand and grabs my hands then takes me to Spen's room to turn on his stars wars toys.  I love the fact he can communicate now.  It's fun to see what he wants.  MUCH BETTER than crying    ; )

Eric has ruined my child.  Cedric now sings the opening of Star Trek.  He has a toy plane and pretends that it is the enterprise.  It's super cute and funny.  My friend was over last night and heard him singing.  She laughed so hard and told me I have to catch it on video...will try that soon enough.

Cedric has also learned the word sit...but comes out more like the word Shit.  Funnnnnnnnnnnnn....esp as he yells it over and over at the stores.  I'm sure my face is 10 shades of red as I push him around at the grocery.  Lovely...I try to get him to repeat a different word of distract him...nope...shit shit shit comes out.  FUNNNNNNNNNN. Hahahaheheheheee....gotta love kids.

Spencer's Halloween costumes is going to be tricky.  I will have to pull out my Industrial Lights and Magic skills. I think it can be done.  I need to hit up the thrift stores.  That will be a task next week.

Spencer is growing like a weed.  I had to replace all of his jeans and his long sleeve shirts.  It's nuts how fast he's growing.  My baby will soon be taller than me.  He announced yesterday that some girls found him cute.  He's funny...he just brushes it off.  He has a huge crush on his little friend.  Not because she's "cute" or "popular", but because she likes Harry Potter.  They talk about reading non-stop.  I love it!!!  He goes for brains!!!  He asked me last night if he looked like a nerd.  I said yeah, jokingly, and he said good...I want to be a nerd.

Ok, off to the grocery I go... But know this is just around the corner!!!

(image from Travel the World)

Makes you just want to walk along crunching the leaves and searching for the prettiest ones : )  Have a great weekend guys!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy busy bee...

I have been doing a mad dash across town for the past few days.  From picking up portraits to paying taxes.  I am OVER THE MOON people.  I am now officially caught up on my CITY taxes.  Long story short.  I pay my Federal and State taxes religiously. I'm terrified of the IRS, they do not play. (Although, they are nice)  So for the longest time I did not know however that I had to pay city tax.  Turbo tax does not include local city tax.  I am a freelance photographer contracted out by the paper located downtown.  I did not find this information out until 4 years after working for the paper. Then they hit me with back city taxes.  I went a while back to square everything up and like an idiot forgot half my information and had to go back.  Well, it was a hassle and something I kept putting off.  Then today I marched myself and Cedric downtown and we paid all my taxes!!!  Woo hoo!!!  No more looming bills over my head.  I know it's such a silly thing to be excited about, but I am worry FREE!!!!!!!!!!!   It was a perfect day to go downtown.  The clouds parted and there was actually a parking space in front of the building I needed to go to. OMG...a rarity.  There was even extra time on my meter.  Cedric was in a great mood and I was in and out within 15 minutes.  Cedric and I then took a walk around downtown.  I realized walking around there how much I missed working downtown.  I hated my last job, but I loved all the excitement and the people of downtown.  I know my city is small but it's just an interesting mash-up of people, and that is what perks my interest.  It was cute Cedric said hi to the meter readers, hi to the Jimmy John delivery guy and hi to the passing cars.   He LOVED it and everyone thought he was adorable.

Updates....sheeshhhh...Eric and Spen decided on Family Halloween costumes...Spen did not like my idea of retro super heroes.  I need to get to work on our costumes.  I also need to get to work on Cedric's party decor.
I think Eric is going to order our washer and dryer today.  I can't...I'm such a nerd and I HATE purchasing anything $$$.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  I about threw up when we bought our car and about passed out when we bought our house.  I don't do well with expensive purchases.  (I'm fully aware of how weird that makes me)  We have a lot of home projects on the way. We are redoing the laundry room.

I love the washer and dryer on a box with storage for sorting underneath.

{Love the Color!!!}  I want to brighten the basement up : )

 Eric installed the new black doorknobs which look amazing! I know I said I wanted to paint them and I know I could have, given the fact if I had free time.  Ha, something that is a fleeting moment in this house.  I do plan on painting our bi-fold door knobs. I couldn't find any I liked and I do like the ones we have.  I love how the black  makes the house look more rustic and colonial.  I swoon over old New England homes : )  New hinges are next with entry door hardware.  This is not a cheap upgrade!!!  I have three floors and my OCD has to have everything match.  It's annoying.  

I need to finish my chairs...I've been lazy.  I have all the supplies...I just have to get all the staples out of the chairs.  Blah...boring stuff!!!  I had blisters the last time I tried to do this.  

I had lunch with Eric today after the morning rush. While driving home I had a movie moment ( That's my label for them).  That's when everything seems perfect in the world and time kinda stands still.  I rarely ever have these moments so when I do, I seize them.  Breathing all the life they have to offer and only consuming the happiness they evoke.  I was driving down Lexington with my sun roof open as the warm afternoon sun beamed down on me.   My beautiful little guy was sleeping soundly in the backseat.  It helped I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel's the sound of silence. (Kinda set the mood)  It was a perfect concoction of pure happiness of simply being in the moment.  No worries, no thoughts, no plans...just driving, singing along with the sun.  I love moments like these...they recharge your inner sinew and makes us stay at home moms not so nuts.  It's truly nice to freeze time for a simple moment and hold it within you.   

Ok...I totally stole this from another blog I follow...(As everyone else should too!!!)
{A-Z of me}

A. Age: 29...but really 25, or so I shall delude myself into thinking ; )
B. Bed size: King - it is huge and lovely!!!
C. Chore that you hate: Putting clothes away...I'd rather pawn it off on Eric ; )
D. Dogs: One day we will own another Boston Terrier...when the kids can take care of the dog too.
E. Essential start to your day: Smack that damn alarm clock...Mama needs another 5 minutes!!!  
F. Favorite color: Depends on my mood and what the color is for.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5'3 and a half...
I. Instruments you play: Should be play(ed) French horn, clarinet and the xylophone...yeah, I was a nerd. 
J. Job title: Stay at Home Mom and photographer.
K. Kids: Two dashingly handsome boys...Spencer and Cedric. 
L. Live: Louisville, KY
M. Mother’s name: Pamela but she likes Pam.
N. Nicknames: Nikki, Nik, 
O. Overnight hospital stays: Giving birth to my boys are the ones I like to remember : )
P. Pet peeves: Fake people along with rude people.  It's amazing how many of these type people walk among us daily.
Q. Quote from a movie: Clark: Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?
Eddie: Naw, I'm doing just fine, Clark. 

R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: Older sister, Terri, Older brother Michael, and younger brother Matthew
U. Underwear: Yes, daily.
V. Vegetable you hate: radishes. Yuck. 
W. What makes you run late: Me, I'm slow...I also get distracted...damn Internet.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Broken arm, broken collar bone, dental, stomach, I should be glowing by now.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make a yummy manicotti.. 
Z. Zoo animal: The penguins.  I love those little guys!!!

Have a great day guys!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Health and House...

Yes, today has two blog entries : )  I did not want my first entry to last an eternity.

So, I have been working out and "somewhat" watching what I eat. (minus this weekend) I could do better...but I have to live and eat chocolate ; )  Eric and I have given up cokes...him more than I.  I still have to have a diet coke every once and a while.  But with that said I have lost some weight : )  I had to go and get my wedding bands re-sized again.  I now wear a size 5 band.  I have tiny fingers.  It's kinda freaky.  Once while getting my nails done the manicurist told me my hand were "like childs."  My hubby teases me to this day about it.  I also had to buy new jeans this weekend.  Drum roll for the size...size 6!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew I wore a 6 in dresses and skirts, but they run larger.  I have lost A LOT of weight from my pregnancy.  My new goal is to get in shape.  Skinny does not equate fit and healthy. I hate when people make that misconception.  I'm excited to start this new workout routine with jogging and my treadmill.

We have a lot of things going on.  I'm super excited.  We are going to buy a new washer and dryer.  I non-exciting.  I would much rather buy prettier things and I would rather use that money to travel with...but the life of an adult and making smart decisions never ends.  But I am excited about buying a new washer and dryer.  Here are the ones we are going to purchase...

I can't wait!  I despise our current ones.  They are older than Methuselah. These two have steamers...Yay!!!  Non-stretched out sweaters here I come : )

I also know how I want to re-do my kitchen....down the road.  When we overhaul it.

I love black cabinets.  Don't get me wrong I love a white kitchen.  But my family should not have one. We are too messy!  I wish I had known that before I painted my cabinets...heh.  I also LOVE modern colonial design.  My house is a colonial and I love updating it but keeping hints of tradition with it.  We have a bunch of projects on our to-do list.

Sunday we made a quick trip to prospect and stopped at a fun (over priced) candy store.  I'm not lying, chocolate truffles were $2.50 each.  Ouch.  My love of chocolate has led me to MANY candy stores and this one was a chain.  I prefer mom and pop type deals.  But it was fun nonetheless...

Retro candy... to jog I go.  Have a great day guys!!!

We had a great SPOOKY weekend!!!

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night I took my oldest out on a Mommy and Spencer date. After driving all over town and I mean that honestly, we settled on a restaurant.  I had a blast with one of the three main loves of my life and we decided to make it a monthly event.

   The weekend was also jam packed with good friends, yummy food and Halloween decorations.  I only snapped a snippet of all the Halloween decor we put out.  But here are some random pictures from our Halloween decoration madness.  {ps. Yes, I am fully aware how early it is to put up Halloween decor, but we are super busy next month and it has to be done.}

I LOVE my Dollar Tree finds...scared my oldest half to death...

Ceddy and his pet spider...

 working on the graveyard...

I'm awful and never snapped a finished picture of the outside.  I had a lot of fun with my friends.  We ate wayyyyy too much.  Cupcakes, and apple pie milkshakes were awesome!  I may have to have a tree trimming party in December....hummmmmmm....I'll probably stick to my cookie exchange.