Friday, September 23, 2011

"She's Crafty"

Today was my ode to the Beastie Boys...

I have been very busy....

 Ok, as I mentioned before I wanted to paint my bi-fold doorknobs Black (rubbed bronze).  Well, I did today.  I still need to pick up my clear coat...but YAY!!!  They turned out awesome!!!

I totally ghetto rigged them for painting.  In this pic if you look close enough you can see the cool patina it is drying. The camera did not pick up the bronze sparkles in the paint. Looks very awesome and I was highly impressed with the spray paints. 

My ghetto rig contraption was twine tied to two garbage neighbors probably think I'm nuts...

I LOVE this stuff : )

{Here is the tutorial I used to do this project )

Other project I started on...

I used mode podge to adhere the vintage comic books ( they were only worth 25 cents) and I used a clear coat over that.  I have two more letters to do for Cedric's party.  I'm just doing his initials.  I'm cheap. My friend is coming over tomorrow and we might make more banners but a trip back to the comic book store will be in order : )

I'm loving how it's turning out.  The fun thing is after the party is over I'm going to use all the decor for the play room downstairs.  Recycle and re-purpose is what I'm all about : )

Have a great weekend guys and get your craft on!!!

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