Friday, September 23, 2011

Ugly day out...

It's rainy and just plain yucky out.  I feel like crawling back into bed with a good book or movie....but my toddler has other plans.  Currently, he is running from room to room turning things on and running back to me.  I was just taken away by him.  He runs to me says out out hand hand and grabs my hands then takes me to Spen's room to turn on his stars wars toys.  I love the fact he can communicate now.  It's fun to see what he wants.  MUCH BETTER than crying    ; )

Eric has ruined my child.  Cedric now sings the opening of Star Trek.  He has a toy plane and pretends that it is the enterprise.  It's super cute and funny.  My friend was over last night and heard him singing.  She laughed so hard and told me I have to catch it on video...will try that soon enough.

Cedric has also learned the word sit...but comes out more like the word Shit.  Funnnnnnnnnnnnn....esp as he yells it over and over at the stores.  I'm sure my face is 10 shades of red as I push him around at the grocery.  Lovely...I try to get him to repeat a different word of distract him...nope...shit shit shit comes out.  FUNNNNNNNNNN. Hahahaheheheheee....gotta love kids.

Spencer's Halloween costumes is going to be tricky.  I will have to pull out my Industrial Lights and Magic skills. I think it can be done.  I need to hit up the thrift stores.  That will be a task next week.

Spencer is growing like a weed.  I had to replace all of his jeans and his long sleeve shirts.  It's nuts how fast he's growing.  My baby will soon be taller than me.  He announced yesterday that some girls found him cute.  He's funny...he just brushes it off.  He has a huge crush on his little friend.  Not because she's "cute" or "popular", but because she likes Harry Potter.  They talk about reading non-stop.  I love it!!!  He goes for brains!!!  He asked me last night if he looked like a nerd.  I said yeah, jokingly, and he said good...I want to be a nerd.

Ok, off to the grocery I go... But know this is just around the corner!!!

(image from Travel the World)

Makes you just want to walk along crunching the leaves and searching for the prettiest ones : )  Have a great weekend guys!!!

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