Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This week...

We have A LOT going on this week.  From meetings to house stuff.  The Family festival is this weekend too...I love this time of year...{But}My eyes have been bothering me lately.  Its my stupid allergies.  Hopefully, I will get some relief soon enough...I want to enjoy this season : )

Here are a few pics from this week thus far...

{Cedric looking out the window at the rain and trees...he's OBSESSED with trees}

***Excited***  We actually finished a project...picture ledge painted and hung. Sadly, Eric did all of it...but I did buy it and tell him where to put I'll take some credit ; )  I love how it turned out. It's actually really big...those are large picture frames.  Next wall : )  No idea when this will happen.

And I will leave you with a snapshot of my dining room...'tis popcorn season in the cub scouts and it's being housed at my house.   So my whole bottom floor smells of popcorn...not as pleasant as it sounds...

This isn't all of it...yikes...I hope they start selling it fast!!!

Have a great day guys!!!

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