Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm so mad I'm seeing red!!!!!!!!!!

I swear some people make my skin crawl!!!  I'm so tired of dealing with crazy people.  Really I'm tempted to move away.  Eric and I have discussed things.  What keeps us here?  We have friends, they can visit.  Our family we barely see other than holidays.  So what would be the big deal?  If they can find time...I'm sure they could visit.

I'm suffocating amid crazy people.  I really need a break from crazy. 

I longer will I be nice.  Where has that gotten me?  I sitting here with no more strength to fight this battle.  That's the can never win against the crazy.  They have more energy and more lies they can spit forth.  So I'm simply moving on and being the bigger person YET again!  I swear I hate people.

I just want a dear crazy people out know who you are...please, please for the love of all that is holy...stay away.  Leave me alone and disappear.  Thanks!

Off to make me some coffee and take a relaxing shower...

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