Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loving this weather!!!

This has been a nice calm weekend.  Eric finished my bracelet for me.  It's fun, funky and cheap...

Here is the DIY...

I also got to wear my shirt from Eric's trip...

...Loves it!

The temperatures have dropped and it feels amazing outside!!!  Last night I went for an impromptu walk with a friend and it was a beautiful ending to a great weekend!  We actually saw a group of deer in the neighborhood over from us.

They were so cute!!!

Eric and Spen being off yesterday has thrown me off for this week.  I keep thinking it's Monday.  Poor Eric has a nervous week ahead of him.  He has to host an orientation for the cub scouts at Spens school.  My hat goes off to him for talking to a crowd of strangers.   Anyone who knows my hubby, knows he's a shy guy...but he's really come out of his shell and now is super out going.  The kids have to sell popcorn at the festival this weekend.  I love this season and all it's craft fairs and festivals : )  I hate selling cub scout popcorn on the other hand.  Tis life.  
I can't wait until Eric gets home...I'm going to hang my new picture ledge : )  I bought it at a thrift store for $3.88.  We primed it and painted it yesterday.  It's amazing how kids can be attracted to a project.  Spen and his friend were tossing the football around last night.  Of all places the football could land...on my newly painted ledge it did.  (it was in the backyard drying)  After my walk I came home to inspect it to see if it was dry yet, and I discovered a football scuff across it.  Thankfully, it could be fixed.  Eric said Spen ran in as soon as it happened and told him everything.  I love how honest Spen is.  

Ok...Cedric is making me leave my post now...so wishing everyone a nice day : )

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Tiff said...

Jeals of the deer and the walk! We were lazy and did nothing yesterday! ha!