Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the birds....

I actually have energy...wow.  It's an awesome feeling!!!

Current thoughts:

Spen got all his words correct on his spelling test!!! YAY!!!  I'm so proud of him.  I know it's not that big of a deal, but it just shows that the way we study is working.  I'm a huge dork and we make songs up with some of the harder words.But he did awesome and I'm proud of my little guy. Poor little guy was so nervous.

Eric and I are replacing all the bathroom faucets.  Updating from the brass to stainless.  In a few years once all debt is paid off, we plan on gutting the bathrooms and starting from scratch.  But until then...new faucets is shall be!  We have one more to do...our bathroom.  I swear this house is aging us.  We have painted every wall, eric has replaced every outlet and switch plate, and the theater is our next task.  It needs to be sanded, primed and painted.  Grrrrr....not looking forward to that.  But the finished product is what keeps us going.  My kitchen really needs a match and a bottle of lighter fluid to it. I HATEEEEEEEEEE 80's wallpaper.  Ugly floral/fruit.  I need to work on that too.  It never ends.  Once all the painting is done...that is when I start buying new furniture and accessories.

A small victory in the Pullen household....medical bills are officially paid off.  Sheeesshhhhh......I never thought it would happen.  I almost don't want to say it too loud...I'm sure my body might get jealous and need another ER visit or major test ran.  I swear the cost of staying healthy in this country is astounding.  Eric's simple ENT visit was $200 plus.  That was after insurance and not including the co-pay.  Not including all the tests and lab work I had.  It's kinda sad because I need to go back to the doctor.  I think my thyroid is kinda wacky again.  I'm losing hair.  It's super thin now.  But I really do not want to have to pay for the co-pay and then lab work.  I'm starting up my vitamins and folic acid again.  I'm also going to start eating better and trying to take my meds at the same time EVERYDAY on an empty stomach.  I have got to stop with the stress.  Stress screws up my hormones, and the hormones screws up my thyroid.  It sucks because it fluctuates.  If I go and get the blood work done, it might be the correct levels...but the next day be a different level.  I swear I'm an old lady. 

I need to clean my whole house.  I hate when you blink and every room needs to be picked up.  The life of the wife with children.

I'm excited about taking Ceddy to baby hour at the library.  I think he'll love it.  He loves singing and playing.  It will be nice to add something new to our week.

I need to go shopping too.  I have a list of items, and two stores I need to go to.  Formula, diapers and snacks.  Not quite the most exciting task of the day.  Off to work out.

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