Thursday, August 19, 2010

So much to do....

So many things have been going on...whewwwww...I have been so busy.

Ok...for starters...

Spen started back at school.  He was super nervous.  I thought the first day he was either going to burst out crying or throw up.  Thank God neither came true.  I walked him to class like I do each year and he was cool once he was in his seat next to his friends.  It's funny because I put an I love you note in his lunch bag.  I also included some funny drawings on the paper.  Then it dawned on me, I hope he doesn't show these to his friends and he gets in funny as that would be, I'd feel awful about it.  I think this will be a great year for him.  It's cute Ceddy misses him in the back seat.  He whines for him.  It's so sweet.

Yesterday, was Cedric's 9 month check up.  I held out yet again on updating his shots.  Mommy's intuition tells me to wait.  So I am.  He's going through a funky phase right now.  He's not talking as much and he has started to throw tantrums if he doesn't get his way.  WTH he's only 9 months.  I talked with the doctor and he told me last visit he was doing things 3 months advanced, and now he's doing things (emotionally) like a 15 month old.  Cedric can play with his toys now.  It's mind boggling to watch him do it.  He's not full on playing war with g.i. joes, but he can entertain himself.  Which is a nice break.  The lack of talking is because he is doing a lot more physical things right now.  The doctor told me not to be surprised if he doesn't start talking more until after a year.  It's funny the doctor also predicts he'll start walking next month.  The little stinker practically ran across the table to get away from the doctor and into my arms.  It's funny being a mom already it's bitter sweet when they start walking.  You're happy because it's a milestone, but then you know you really have to baby proof EVERYTHINGGGGGGG.  Not looking forward to that at all.

I finally got my treadmill.  I LOVE it!!!   Speaking of after this update my ass will be on it.  I can't wait to get back into shape.  Eric is actually using it too. It's funny because I apparently have lost a  bunch of weight.  I am unaware of this having thought i had already lost a bunch of weight.  But I've had tons of people lately telling me I have. fat was I when I thought I had lost weight? ***Shudder*** to think.

I have to go to three stores today...I'm not looking forward to that adventure.  I hate having to go all around town, not including dropping stuff off at the recycling center.  I also, need to take Cedric's portraits.  I'm such a bad mommy.  I've been lazy.  One step at a time. I'm on this new kick.  I've stopped taking on other people's issues and problems as my own.  I hate and feel sorry for a lot of people, but I can't take it on.  I've also stopped allowing negative thoughts or people to influence my life.  I know duuuhhhh...right?  But it's hard to do.  I have come to realize life is too short to have negative happenings.  Hopefully, this will stick...I'd hate to stroke out over stress in my 30's.

Fall is around the corner.  I went to Joann's fabric yesterday and it was plastered everywhere!!!  I need to go to Michael's to check out Halloween town.  We usually add a piece each year to the collection.

I need to finish my steps...and then onto the theater room and kitchen.  I'm so tired of painting!!!!!!! to workout!

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