Friday, August 27, 2010

Date night!!!

Woo hoo!!!!  I'm so excited.  My lovely friend is going to watch the kids for me tonight and momma gets to have a night out.  Not sure where we are going to go.  Eric struck down the picnic idea.  We do that already with the kids a lot.  So...hummmmm....I want something low key and something that is not going to cost a small fortune.  I have too many projects and bills to pay off for a $$$ dinner.  I'm kinda craving mimosa.  Maybe the myan cafe.  We shall see where the night leads us. 

I'm super proud of Eric.  He did it again today.  He got up early and worked out on the treadmill.  He's already losing.  I HATE MEN in that respect.  They can lose weight so fast.  It's rather annoying.  But he's determined to get into shape.  Which is awesome.  Speaking of working out my butt has to get on the treadmill in a few.  I walked to get spen yesterday from school. word...death.  I was so hot and tired by the time I got there I looked like death and felt like it.  It was a good work out.

Cedric had a rough night last night.  Not sure what was up.  But he woke up twice crying.  Which is completely out of the norm for him.

I need to figure out what my fall special will be with my photography business.  I also need to work on set design.  I want to have a little set up for halloween pics.  I hate pricing things.  I'm cheap and I hate charging for things...I just like shooting.  I need to buy a new portrait lens. Not looking forward to paying for it...but I need it and am excited about it.  Photography is so damn expensive.  People wonder why you charge the prices you do.  Ummmm....lenses and cameras are not cheap.  Not including all the time you put into editing a portrait.

I had weird dreams all night long.  One was I went to a fictional work in my pjs.  I was upset I forgot to change before I arrived. 

I got spen and ceddy's clothes yesterday delivered.  Eric thought they were cute too.  He's so funny about things for the kids.  He's always wanting to buy them stuff so it was no biggie I ordered them.  I got the boys matching hoodies and shirts.  I got Cedric an adorable hat.  Spen isn't much of a hat person.

Spen has his first spelling test today.  My nerves are with him.  I hope he does well.  I hated spelling tests.  Hell, any test for that matter.  I have bad anxiety over them and doubt myself.  I hope he does well.  We practiced and he knows them.  But if he gets into a hurry writing he makes mistakes.  He is such my child.  I was the same way...hell still am. to start the day.

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