Friday, March 5, 2010

So much to do...

Here I sit...with so many things to do...

Oh...just finish/start 4 spider costumes.  I do have a great mom who made my bee costumes.

Update my site...including new packages...oh and think up these packages.  That would help.

Work out like a crazy woman.  I hate being fat.

Email some clients back.

Clean my basement and bedroom.  I kicked this houses ass yesterday. 

and so much more stuff it depresses me just thinking about I won't.

I'm going out to lunch with some friends who I haven't seen in FOREVER.  I'm excited about that.  Then I'm going to swing by and pick up another friend.  Went to a jewelry party last night.  Had fun, but Cedric kept me busy.  Eric had to take spen to scouts so Ceddy had to come with me.  He was quite entertaining.  I felt bad for the woman who sold the jewelry...Ceddy was kinda interrupting her spill.  I did take him out of the room...but I still feel bad.  My friend and I met up with the guys at Marks and I of course ate my weight in bbq and fries.  Soooo not on my diet.  I feel guilty.  But it was yummy and so I'm over it.

Pinewood derby this weekend...hummmmm....hopefully spen does well.  I'm so excited it's pretty out.  I'm going to start walking with Sarah and Lauren.  Hopefully, I'll walk off some of this weight. 

I have a very busy week next week.  Spens play, derm appointment, dentist appointment, and get blood work done.  Fun stuff. to get dressed and

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