Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wake up!!!

I can't shake this sleepiness.  I've had it since we got back from Hawaii.  It's really starting to get annoying!

Ok....I'm sitting here with hair dye on my head.  My red highlights faded to an ugly orange back to brown I go.  But while applying the dye to my head I heard my doorbell ring.  I peeked out the window (hair dye on my head standing there in a towel) and it was the Fedex guy with some type of kid product in his hands.  I had my gloves on...and seriously debated on answering the door like that.  I refrained from doing so and he left the package on my front step.  Turns out it was the part I "was promised" months ago to fix my swinger.  Ummm...after opening it up and's not the right one....Shoot.  Now that swinger is a waste.  I will now never buy a product without reading the reviews!  We got the first run model of a baby swinger and it's motor stopped working.  I LOVED it while it worked, but it quit after only seven months.   It was also a $$$ swinger.  I looked on and read the reviews and a lot of people had the same issue.  I hate crappy products.  I called and complained and was promised a new part would be sent my way.  I see how fast it came...that was months ago...and it's the wrong part all together.  I give up...shhheeeeesshhhh.....

I have a million things to do..but right hair is first on the list.

I have to get spen his new school shoes.  I need to go to target...he wants the chucks with flames.  The target by me does not have his later today will be a target adventure.  Hopefully, I won't have to visit all the targets in Louisville to find them.

Ok...I'm going to have a back to school bash bbq.  I need to let others know...ha!  I bought these cute little cookies for the kids with buses on them.  Spen was not happy about that.  He is not happy about starting school.  I'm signing up to be his room mother again this year. I love throwing the kids halloween parties.  I can't wait for halloween this year!!!  Baxter parade will be so much fun with both the boys as will the zoo.  I need to start working on costumes. to get ready.

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