Thursday, September 2, 2010

Damn hormones!

I'm so's driving me nuts so I can only imagine how the people around me feel.  I was going to take Cedric to the library this morning.  They have a baby hour there.  They sing and play with the kids.  Well, he's passed out in his playpen.  So scratch that off the agenda. 

My allergies are in full swing right now...and my thoughts are foggy so maybe a morning full of babies and hormones would not mix very well.  I say it's for the better.

I need to go buy ribbon and tissue paper.  I'm burning images for a client and I wrap them up all spiffy.  It's all about presentation. I plan on stopping by Michaels and picking up some there.  I also plan on picking up some more fall decorations.  I'm know I'm early, but I have already put up my fall wreath and have been burning my fall scented candles.  next halloween decorations go up.

Dear Diary.

               Heather told me she teaches people 

               life. She said, "Real life sucks losers 

               dry. If you want to fuck with the 

               eagles, you have to learn to fly."  I 

               said, "So you teach people how to 

               spread their wings and fly?"  She said, 

               "Yes."  I said, "You're beautiful!"
Just a quote from a great 80's movie the...Heathers. Carry on...........

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