Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting on coffee...

Something is up with Cedric.  I'm pretty sure it's a growth spurt.  He took 3 bottles last night throughout the night and then cried for me to hold him. As soon as I picked the little monkey up he was happy and drifted off to slumber.  I talked with his doctor and have been reading up on his age.  They all said a brain shift will happen and he will start becoming aware of strangers and having difficulty sleeping.  I see they were right.  He has started pulling himself up on things.  He's so cute!

I miss my short hair, and I miss my long hair...quite the conundrum. I'm not sure what to do.  I know if I cut all my hair off I will miss it more.  But if I cut my hair it would go blond with a pompadour super short. So we shall see what happens.

I shoot for the local newspaper here.  I once had to shoot a fundraiser with a "local celebrity", I had never heard of the guy.  So when I walked into the room, (I was there early), I had no idea who I should look for.  Well, this one guy walks up to me and tells me what to expect throughout the night.  He then tells me his name and basically introduces himself as a local celebrity host/DJ. was so surreal.  The guy was maybe well known among a small niche group.  But the people coming to the event would have no clue who he was.  They were mostly well to do white people.  This guy was so arrogant and cocky.  It made me sick.  I about gagged a few times as he gabbed on and on about himself.  Ok, I got're a DJ/Host.  You're not famous, nor will you matter in a few years.  I was grossed out by his arrogance and lack of swagger.  He was merely a fat frat dude who thought he was soooo cool.  I get so sickened by men who have to over compensate for their lack of confidence with arrogance.  A true confident man will not have to boast, surely not address himself as the "local celebrity".  He struck me as a guy who would create his own fan site on facebook or plan his own surprise birthday party.  It was just gross all together.  But yeah...that event popped in my head this morning.  It was years ago though, but the guys doucheness is still pretty fresh. to do the mom, workout and coffee thing.

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