Tuesday, August 10, 2010

* * *rubs eyes * * *

I'm sooo sleepy.  Ceddy and my schedule is off from Hawaii.  I took two Tylenol PM's last night and they didn't kick in until this morning....grrrr...no fun.  I'm dragging today.  I have a million things to do...but no energy to do it.

Things on my mind in list form...

- I wish I could make sense of this spat with my mom.  Life is what it is and people are who they are...
- I need to buy spens school shoes.
- I have the most loving hubby in the world.
- I need to buy new pillows...mine are crap.
- I have to have a cavity filled....boo.   Apparently, where my teeth crossed it caused a cavity on the backside of a tooth...well, since I now have braces, the tooth moved and exposed the cavity.  So come the 24th I have to go into my ortho office have my wire removed, drive to my dentist have my tooth filled, then drive back to my ortho office. I have no one to watch Cedric so I will be lugging him around.  Grrrrr....hopefully things will work out.
- Life is what you make it.  Fill it with love and joy and you will find it ever so present in your life.  But fill it with jealousy, hate and sadness and it will seep into your soul.  I choose to have joy. Negative thoughts will invoke you and soon you will become those thoughts, those words.  I refuse to live that life.  I refuse to partake in the dance of destruction and sordidness.  I choose peace.  
- I need to start working out again...I just have no energy to do so...grrrr....maybe a few cups of coffee will give me the much needed energy.
- I can't wait for fall!!!!!!  I come alive in the fall.  

- I need to trim the bushes out front...but I have cut (accidentally) all the long electric cords with the trimmers.  Thank God for breakers.  I would have been shocked.  I'm so damn clumsy.
- This birthday and anniversary...I want to go to Salem.  My birthday is October 20th and my anniversary is the 21st.  I need an escape.  I know I just came back from Hawaii, but Eric and I need to go away.  We have only been away one night alone before.  I only want to go away for the weekend.  I want to take pictures and see the sights.  I have a weird fascination with Halloween and witches.  Have all my life.  I LOVE new england...that is where my heart is.  We shall see if we make it up there.  I doubt it.  But it's nice to dream.  
- I need to go to the grocery...I HATE FOOD shopping.  Since I do not cook, I go blank and buy stuff we do not need or should not have. 

- Abuse.  It comes in all shapes, forms, words and actions.  I know a lot of people in relationships hiding it or pretending it does not exist.  My heart goes out to these people.  Abuse is not just by hands, but by words.  Emotional, financial, or verbal abuse is still abuse and cause deeper wounds than physical.  Here are some links to anyone who feels they may be in or know someone in an abusive relationship.

Sadly, I was in an abusive relationship before and can spot the warning signs a mile away.  I feel so sorry when I see another woman covering up or making excuses for abusive behavior.  I have been there myself and it is not a comforting place.  My heart is with these women. Just because a partner supplies you with food, shelter and other gifts does not give them justification for owning you or your actions. Stand up for yourselves and be strong : ) If you have to make excuses for behavior something is amiss.  Abuse is not just in the slums it's in middle class America. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men out there who are insecure and feel the need to control, or manipulate their partners to fill a void within themselves.  I know women can abuse too.  I have witnessed that as well.  My heart also is with those men.  No one person should dominate a relationship or have their needs, feelings or thoughts more prevalent then their partners.  Ok...   Phewww......abuse is such a horrific subject I hate thinking about it but is a topic that does need to be addressed....

Ok...I need to go...off to drag through another day....maybe another cup of coffee is needed.

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Oh. My birthday is in october too.
And food shopping is &%$/%&%$§*****$%$§"§%$%&%$§""!§!!!