Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm sleepy...

I'm trying to avoid sleep.  If I sleep now I'll stay up all night.  Cedric is taking a nap.  I need to get the kids stuff together for later tonight. 

Happy Birthday Pee Wee.  I used to be in love with him.  I was a weird kid.  I think Cedric should go as him next year for Halloween.  That would be too funny. 

I've been looking online for some cupcake and party goodies for his birthday and spens class party.
I came across these little beauties.

I love them...I think they are cute.  The kids would get a kick out of these.

I've been trying to figure out what to do for invites.  I have no clue yet.  Still working and researching them.

I went to St. Matthews library today for a book and a audio book.  I want to start listening to things as I walk on the treadmill.  I think I might start going to their baby and mommy hour.  I think it would be fun.  They read, sing songs and play with the kids.  I like that's tiny and the staff is sweet.  Cedric would eat it up.  We might give it a try next week.

I have no idea who I will invite to our halloween/ceddys first birthday party.  That is the part of party planning I hate. to get dressed  for date night. :)

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