Friday, March 19, 2010

I love being a mom....

Today is one of those days when your kids smile melts your heart and makes everything else in the world not seem to matter.  Spencer was his adorable self at breakfast.  I could not kiss him enough today and Cedric is his wonderful morning baby.  He's all smiles and laughs. He's melting my heart.  Of all the jobs I've had in my lifetime...and there have been a lot...I'm kinda a gypsy in that respect, being a mother is the best one so far.  I love it!!!  It's only amplified by the fact I have a wonderful partner.  Eric is an awesome dad...and hubby.  I'm blessed.  We talked this morning and we are going to start hiking.  Woo hoo...I'm sooo stoked.  I love hiking...before the heat sets in that is.  Actually, it's cooler in the woods when it's hot outside.  I want to start soon.  We need to get a baby backpack.  I'm weird and get excited over stuff like this.  I'm a princess in the city and a princess mountain woman out in the woods.  I can remember camping and applying's kinda funny looking back.

Cedric is playing with his voice...aka...screaming.  It's adorable.

I have so much to do today...grrrrrrrrrr....I want to buy some flowers for my front planters.  But I'll just kill them:(  I suck at real plants.

It's funny, Eric is opening up to the idea of having another kid.  We were both on the fence a while back.  But Eric was actually thinking about it and throwing the idea around the other day.  I don't know if I want to carry the next time or adopt.  We both want to maybe that will be the avenue we choose.  I love my husband.  He is the most loving and understanding men I know.  I love how his heart bleeds for the kids out there without parents.  I could see us being foster parents once our kids are older.  I hate quiet houses.  Homes are meant to have children running about them.

Ok...enough mush mouth fool nonesense...I must start the day and go shopping...

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