Thursday, March 25, 2010


I need to clean today.  My house has left the untidy description and entered into the house on cops that was busted for meth description.  Ok...maybe not that bad.  But I have so many projects I should be doing and things I need to finish, including laundry but here I sit instead.  Oh well.

I need to have a smidge of coffee.  My gallbladder has been killing me lately and caffeine sets it off.  But I need caffeine to merely survive.

I love my hubby.  He surprised me with a book I have been wanting.  He stopped by borders on the way home from work yesterday.  I love when he does little things like that : )   Makes me feel loved.

Ok..enough mush mouth stuff.  I have started walking away my pounds...or so I hope.  I walked so much yesterday...I have no idea how far or long I walked.  But hopefully it will get me back to skinny.

oh beautiful bed is calling me...maybe cedric and I will crawl in bed for a little nap in the am.

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