Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chicken..cluck cluck....

Ok..so I chickened out of going to get my blood work done.  I have to go to my ob's office and I feel dumb having to still go back there 5 months later.  So I made an appointment with my PCP.  They should really be the ones dealing with my thyroid issue since I am no longer preggos.  I also need them to set me up with an ultra sound for my gallbladder.  It's been KILLING me!!!  I need to have the one with the dye in it.  I had a regular one while pregnant but they couldn't see anything and recommended the dye once I gave birth.  This gallbladder has been bothering me for a few years.  I want it OUT!!!!

Ok...since I will not be going to the dr's today I MUST be productive today.  I have to go to the dermatologist tomorrow.  I joked with eric saying I wanted botox and fillers.  I said I'll come back looking plastic.  Actually, I'm going to have a nasty wart removed.  It's gross, but it's a stubborn little thing that keeps coming back!  I've had it removed so many times.  I'm also going to discuss some skin issues I've been having and have some freckles and spots looked at.  I'm VERY fair and it's rather annoying living like an old lady...but that's how I roll....dr's visits and lab work.  Such fun times...eyes rolling. 

I will never understand people and I shall leave it at that.

Ok, I have a screaming baby...off to do the mom stuff.


Jessica said...

You can't just leave it at that... I'm all curious now. haha.

As for the botox and fillers... You'd look scary... since you have noooo wrinkles or anything to fill anyway.... I did though wonder if they could use something like that to fill in the "holes" I have from my labrets... not that I'd actually pay to do it really.... but I wondered if they could.. since they can do it for things like "pock marks" or whatever...

also... I really should take my butt (not literally.. just all of me) to the dermatologist to be looked at for skin cancer.. not that I think I have it.. but I'm also fair and have been told I'm a prime candidate.. which makes me worry I'm missing something and will end up like Izzie from Grey's Anatomy (forgive the reference if you don't get it. heh).

But anyway.... I wish you major luck on the whole gallbladder thing. I hope they figure it out and get you "fixed up"... :-)

Nikki P. said...

The last time I went I had an all over exam. I HATE my fair skin. I have two spots I have to watch. They are pre-cancerous something or anothers. I got retin-a for my face...my hormones are causing me to break out...also I have some pores I want to shrink. I'll let you know if it works...and thanks for the well wishes about my gb...I'll let you know what the Doctor says.