Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where is the sun???

I was promised sun today and dammit I want it!!!!  

I have been so freaking productive this week I am astonished!  I kicked this houses butt yesterday.  I met with a client...scored another wedding!  I washed the jeep, went to the grocery, put an ad out, not to mention actually got sleep last night.  We took spen out to the Irish Rover for a pre-paddy's day celebration.  I was not about to fight the crowds today.  Enjoyed good food and came home got spen in bed and crashed.  I swear I was out cold.  My lovely hubby took care of the baby.  He fed him, and got him ready for bed.  He's such a good dad.  I on the other hand enjoyed my night of slumber. 

I need to paint the frame around my front door today...funnnnnnn...eyes rolling.  It's to that point that it has to be painted.  My kid is dressed like a white trash baby...milk on his face, and no pants.  Lovely. 

I swear this is how I feel.  I use grocery bags to put diapers in.  They work on keeping down the smell.  Well, I am becoming over loaded with them. So this week I'm going to make a holder for them to hang on Ceddy's changing table.  I need to go pick up some fabric and new thread. to start the day.  I'm in a weird chipper mood...I guess it's that mysterious thing called sleep.

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