Sunday, March 28, 2010

That's what she said...

Ok, so I have been busy this weekend. 

*** Things accomplished***

- Eric and I had a kid free dinner at le gallo was yummy and I loved the old house the restaurant was in.  Great atmosphere along with yummy food!

- Bought and put flowers out by my mail box.  I cut the grass on allergies about killed me afterward. 

- Cleaned the house.

- Eric made my sling...he's much better at a french seam
I'm in love with this fabric!!!  My sling has a black liner.  I love it.  We tweaked it from the first sling.  Made it a little more roomier.

- Finished painting the wall color for the bathroom.  Now all that is left is the trim and doors...which won't take long.  I need to order the wall decals and I need to buy new light fixtures along with all the bath accessories. 

- Totally used my mom skills to get spen to pull his front tooth.  It was dangling and super nasty looking so I told him front teeth are worth 10 bucks and you get an extra 2 bucks if you pull it out yourself. He about yanked that tooth out of his own head.  He wanted a new game.  It's getting harder to be the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and Santa Claus...I should totally put that on a job application.  These jobs are hard...esp with each year having to be more creative and out do the last year.

I'm super excited about kinda vamping up my formal living room...Here's my inspiration...

I have no idea where I can score these curtains...I think I might be able to sew trim on the sides of white ones.

I MUST work out this week...I've ate so much this weekend.
I can't believe my little boy will be 7 this week.  It seems he was just a toddler the other day.  I love spen so much.  I hope he has a good birthday. to do more house work I go.

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