Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy busy busy....

So today I had to play the Easter bunny and go shopping for the kids.  I scored a swing for outside for Cedric.  I'm going to use that as his easter basket.  I got spen some books, clothes a really cool pop up book kit, candy and some little toys.  I still have to get his b-day stuff.  But I did get his room decorations.  I always decorate his room while he is asleep and then he is all excited when he wakes up. 

I need to buy a grocery cart cover.  Cedric can now sit up (assisted) so he would enjoy being able to see things.  I also need to sew my sling.  Grrrrrr...I swear this weekend it shall be done!  I need to buy a backpack to replace my diaper bag.  It will be much more efficient than a diaper bag.

I'm sleepy...but totally excited for date night tomorrow!!!  I need to make dinner reservations.  We haven't been out without the kids in forever.  I'm a nerd but I miss my hubby.  I love him to pieces. I think we are going to go the roller derby girl thing and also hit up Le Gallo Rosso.  I have only been there to shoot pics of food but the atmosphere looks romantic and fun.  Amanda loves Eric and I shall give it a try.  Ok off to pick spen up from school.

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The Half-Assed Elitist said...

I really like using a backpack as a diaper bag, and especially with two kids, I find that it works out so much better.