Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Out!!!

I had a mommy time out today...and it was FABULOUS!!!  I got to hang out with two wonderful ladies and I realized how much my soul needed a little kid free time.  I had a facial and chemical peel...which was insane.  Note to self, groupons are not always the best thing.  I will be officially the judge of this tomorrow, but today I had my faced plastered with a chemical, masques and some laser ray done to it.  They left the chemical on my face. I've NEVER had a facial or chemical peel done like that.  My face was so shiny when I met up with my friends I looked plastic.  It was kinda comical.  We went shopping (and I scored an awesome purse) and we scored great finds for my friends wedding.  Today was a really good day. To top it off...I also got a bonus!!!  SUPER excited for this!!!  I've been working hard on a client and it pays : ) They resigned their contract with us and I'm super excited : )  It's nice to see your hard work being rewarded.

Working my way closer to new floors : ))))) I'm super excited about this!!!

This weekend will be jam packed with Thomas the Tank Engine.  We are taking the boys to Day out with Thomas.  Should be interesting.

Poor Eric has tests done tomorrow.  Fingers crossed everything comes out good. I'm going to go snuggle with him...I'm totally on a happy buzz right now.

Ps...I shall totally make some more mommy friend time this summer : ) It's important for my sanity ; )

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Lil said...

So happy your great day continued when you got home! Hope all went well with Eric, too. :) And can't wait for the next day out with you and Amanda!