Thursday, May 3, 2012

Android Photo dump...

Nothing makes oneself feel oh so pretty like tin foil on your head ; )

I snapped this pic as I had my did yesterday.  My hair stylist is a sweetie who I adore!  He talked me into going ombre.  I LOVES IT!!!

The ends are lighter and he added some highlights around my face...aka...cover those greys baby!!!  Now to just have my hair grow oh, another 12 inches or so and I'd be set ; )

Cedric and I took a bike ride while Eric and Spen were at Cub Scouts tonight.
Ahem, that boy is HEAVYYYYYYY...and I soon realized I would have to turn around while attempting to trek up a hill in the wrong gear.  FUN TIMES!!! It was a nice evening for a ride and we both enjoyed the fresh air.

I LOVE MY SHOES and had to share this fact : )

Cedric showing off his blueness.

It's Derby week here in Louisville and my local grocery was celebrating with  the captain from the Deadliest catch signing autographs.  I snapped a pic from the aisle...I'm too lazy for lines.

Proof that I am Miss Havishmam!!!! Kidding. My friend needed my petticoat to borrow for wedding and I had it stored with my dress.  So I figured why not try it on while I had it out.  It still fits!  I love this dress : ) Yes, I'll be the crazy old lady roaming in it one day...hehehehehee.  Cedric LOVED it...he smiled and said that I was a princess and then proceeded to try play in my veil and yank it off my head.  Spen just said I was crazy. Boysss...sheeshhh. 

Now that I've shared my days pics...Goodnight and sweet dreams...

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