Monday, May 21, 2012

Some people give gift cards...I give a canoe...

My husband has been wanting a canoe for YEARS.  That and everything else under the sun, but I made up my mind I would surprise him with this gift for his birthday.  How on earth would I accomplish such a feat though?  With the help from my awesome friend and partner in crime Sarah!  We lied and said we were going to the gym.  we even put on our gym clothes and I threw my hair up in a ponytail.  Borrowed Sarah's husbands truck and drove to Dicks sporting goods.  It was actually quite comical when the sales guy asked if he could help me.  I answered with I need to buy a boat...or actually a canoe...actually that canoe and I pointed to it.  Long story short. WE looked nuts and had no idea what we were doing. Eric was VERY shocked when he saw it.  I ran into the house lying telling him the Jeep had died while I was driving it.  I told him I was able to get it home and Sarah had to follow me.  I also said it was smoking.  So he ran to put his shoes on and dashed out to the Jeep.  It was funny...his eyes did the once over on the Jeep trying to see the non-existent smoke. I saw him squinting.  I then proceeded to tell him a part fell off too and it's in the back of Sarah's truck...he asked why I hadn't told him that first and made a mad dash to her truck. I could see his mind going over every possible scenario of what was wrong with the Jeep.  Once he looked in the back of the truck he froze, turned around and smiled.  He said it took a second to see the canoe...he was too busy searching for the part.  He loved it!!!  I can't wait to get it out on the water!!!  Cedric said it was beautiful and Spencer is excited to use it.  Yay!!!

Here is a photo of Sarah urban paddling at the Mall...we had to snap a picture.  How often does one buy a canoe?  This had to be documented.  It was also just super funny to see her pretending to be on a lake in a parking lot.  We love making asses out of ourselves.  You have to be able to laugh at yourself.  It's our mantra!

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