Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Truths....

Ok, feel free to repost this and fill in your own Three truths.

Three Truths:

My House:
1. Is currently a MESS!
2. Is a work in progress.
3. Is has settled through the years.

My Body:
1. Has birthed two children and housed three.
2. Is also a work in progress.
3. Has very ticklish arms and stomach.

My Food:
2. I love milk CHOCOLATE but despise dark.
3. I LOVE any pasta.

My Car:
1. Needs to be cleaned.
2. Is truly a mom-mobile.
3. Probably gives the illusion to others that I am a toy hoarder ; )

My Dreams:
1. To write a book about my life.
2. To go to Europe.
3. To always evolve, never staying stagnant.

My Husband:
1. Is the sweetest man in the world.
2. Is the worlds best Dad and great role model!  I know how cliche
3. Is a hoarder.  Honestly, he is.  Ask anyone who knows him ; P

My Children:
1. Are my WORLD!
2. Drive me to the brinks of insanity, but their smiles and giggles snaps me back.
3. Are the most loving kids ever!  They fill each day with hugs and kisses.

My Life:
1. Is truly blessed by a wonderful family and friends.
2. Is constantly changing.
3. Is very busy!!!

My Hobbies:
1. I'm notorious for picking up a hobby and starting a new one within the same week or day.
2. I love CRAFTS and anything artistic!!!
3. I love photography.

My wardrobe:
1. Is truly sad.
2. Is mostly black or grey.  I'm not a huge fan of bright colors or busy patterns and no I'm not goth. Ha!  More like Tabatha Coffey's style.
3. I desperately need to update it!!!

My shoes:
1. I LOVE shoes and have tons I never wear!
2. I LOVE heels, but yet again never wear them.
3. I LOVE my biker boots.

My friends:
1. I truly have the best friends in the world.  I LOVE them!
2. They all have dark senses of humor. (Which makes me love them more!)
3. We usually get ourselves into crazy situations...but laugh the whole way through.

My addictions:
1. The Internet.
2. Chocolate.
3. Coffee.

My Current Wants:
1. The new iPad.
2. New floors.
3. More mulch for my yard...I random...ha!

My Pet Peeves:
1. People who copy my ideas and use them as their own.  Hey, at least give me a shout out!
2. Bad parents!
3. Rude people...but isn't that every ones?

My Idea of Fun:
1. Getting lost in a new place exploring.  I love doing this whenever we travel.
2. Traveling...I LOVE new locations.
3. Decorating.  I get a high off of it.  Maybe it's just paint fumes ; )

My Favorite Places:
1. Anywhere near the ocean.
2. The Beach at sunrise in Kauai.
3. I know this is lame...but my hubby's arms. I know...gag.

My Favorite Things To Do With My Family:
1. Travel!
2. Camping
3. Throw parties!

Things I Procrastinate On:
1. Editing photos.
2. Cleaning my shower...I HATE it!
3. Getting the clothes out of the dryer...Lord only knows how many times I restart it.

My Past:
1. Has been a roller coaster ride.
2. Learned from my many mistakes.
3. Made me grow up fast!

My Future:
1. Is exciting.
2. Possibly another child?
3. Watching my children grow into kind men.  Daily, I see the transformation from baby to boys.  I can't believe how fast they are growing! that I have avoided work long to go buy that mulch.


Lil said...

Three Truths:
1. I slept until almost 11 o'clock today, and it felt wonderful! :)
2. I'm addicted to buying t-shirts, and I have like three more on the way this week to wear for the summer.
3. I love having a yard, but I really have no desire to plant or work on it...I need a landscaper! :)

Lil said...

Three Truths
1. I slept until almost 11 today, and it felt great. :)
2. I'm addicted to buying t-shirts, and have like four more to be delivered this week to wear this summer.
3. I love having a yard, but I don't want to fool with it at all...I need a landscaper! :)

Lil said...

Ha! I loved this one so much I had to post twice about it. ;)

~Nikki Pullen said...

BTW I can't wait to hang out!!!