Friday, May 25, 2012

....where do I begin...

I'm throwing a party tonight for my husbands birthday, my house is a mess, decorations are somewhat up, food no where to be seen.  I can't for the life of me decide where to begin...ha.  I think the grocery will be the best starting point.  I'm excited for the shall be our first outdoor movie night.  It's an 80's theme.  We still need to decide upon the movies.  I swear this month has been insane.

Yesterday was Eric's actual birthday. We had a picnic at the park for dinner and took his canoe out on the lake.  Ok, for me...I've never been in a canoe.  Yes, I love the outdoors and yes I have camped, hiked and been outdoors numerous times...but never have I been in a canoe....on water.  It was TERRIFYING at first since I had to go in first and walk to the front.  But once we shoved off I FELL IN LOVE!!!  It's so much fun and a great upper body work out.  I will not lie, I screamed and yelled at Eric for all the local fisherman to hear when he started shaking it on purpose.  I did NOT find that funny.  But once he got his laughs out we had fun.  Spencer sat in the middle and LOVED it too!  Poor Cedric wanted to go out, but that child would have dove overboard the moment he got in.  He stayed back at the shore with his grandma and they fished.  Spencer even managed to catch a fish yesterday too.  Spen was a natural in the canoe. So I was able to have fun and not be too nervous. Below are some pics from out outing.

Cedric was not happy not being able to ride in the canoe. He HAD to wear a life vest! I was shocked he even took it off.

It was really beautiful yesterday.

Eric being silly.


A Delightful Design said...

Hi! This looks like such fun family time. And I must say you are *so* pretty. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and complimenting my painting.

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks!!! I love your's always fun eye candy! I love to see your treasured combinations of design incorporated into neat spaces!!!