Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow...who invited the crazy???

Ok, it's been brought to my attention that a certain nameless individual is truly a psycho.  She has lost grip of reality and I am beyond astonished by her mental instability.  Wow is all I can say.  Just wow.  I refuse to partake in her games and give her the attention she obviously so desperately is begging for.  I am honestly happy that she is no longer part of my life.  I cannot for the life of me imagine being so unhinged from reality that I would find comfort from outright lies.  I will not give anymore attention to this nameless, soulless person.  I feel only pity for her, and the sad little life she has created for herself.  I find it humors how she blames everyone else for her short comings but herself.. She knows what she has done, and she knows that everything she touches is tainted with lies, deceit or jealousy.  I wish her the best life ( whatever strings of fantasy she can pull together and call one) and have no ill wishes for her.  She is simply her own worst enemy and tarnishes everything and one she comes in contact with. The vast majority of people she has befriended come to this realization soon enough.  One can only blame a bad childhood for so long and realize it's them that is causing such horrific behavior and outcomes. Little girl lost is not a very attractive look for a middle "aging" woman.  I guess she is simply lost amid fantasy and the lies she tells herself each morning. The one thing is this, I just don't get her angle.  I have never done anything against her for her to become so mean and vengeful.  The only thing I did was stop allowing her to be part of my life.  I think it all stems from mere jealously and the fact I have the life she wishes she could have.  Not that my life is glamorous by any means, no.  But I have a loving husband and someone I would never cheat on, and two beautiful children that "I" adore.  I'm not a selfish little girl searching for my ego fix and I'm happy with myself. I do not need the attention from men to tell me I'm pretty.  I'm simply someone she could never be...a loving mother and wife!!!  No matter how many times she "re-invents" herself, she will always have an ugly soul along with mental insecurities that no man or amount of makeup will fix!!! So with that all said.... Good luck, good bye and see ya crazy!!!!!  I do not want to hear about my name falling from her lips or my families.  She is a deranged individual who is in need of serious mental help.  So I wish her the best of luck...and a warning for anyone else who comes in contact with her to merely step aside and let her walk on by.

Onto happier news.  I got some well rested sleep last night.  Eric helped out with the baby a lot last night.  He usually makes the bottles during the night and I feed him.  But he cared for Cedric when he was fussy and looked after both of us.  I feel better today.  No more muscle aches.  NyQuil will mess you up.  It was kinda funny, I looked over into the bassinet last night and started freaking out because the baby wasn't there...kinda forgot he was in the swinger.  I myself even put him in there. Ha!

I've been slowly paying off medical bills.  Can't wait for all the tax money to more bills.  Lovely!  Ok just looked and it's in pending!!!! YAY!!!! 

I'm curious to who reads my blogs.  Not to stroke my ego...just curious to who is reading what boring things I write about.  I have a lot of views and this sparks my interest. Personally, I get it... I read strangers blogs a lot times.  Sometimes it's interesting just to see life through someone else eyes.  I really do not write about world events or important stances I have on political views.  I like to keep it light and non-confrontational.  I wonder if people reading this right now even know who I am?  It's kinda a strange way of thinking.  Part of me wants to make it private and close up shop...but the other half...the voyeur in me loves to read about others and only finds it fair to partake in the dance of having a somewhat open life. Kinda not wanting to be a hypocrite.  I don't include every aspect of myself on here.  Lots of stuff actually.  I just share some tidbits.  So this is a simple handshake and get to know you hug to the people reading my blog.  I hope you find some amusement in the lines and don't simply read for grammatical mistakes. to start my day...I have new makeup to play with...kinda pathetic, but it's the little things that get me stoked on life...HA!

ps..I'm sure one of my viewers is the "little girl lost" so with all that was said, please stop lurking and go get the mental help you so desperately need! HUGGSSS!!!

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