Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is one of those days....

When nothing I purchase works out.  I bought a new oil scented thingy...ended up smelling like ass.  Actually apples, not good apples, but apples that are somewhat decaying.  YUCK!  Apple cinnamon my ass.

Then I'm on this new kick with tissue paper pom poms.  I'm a nerd and thought it would be super cute to hang them in ceddys room from the ceiling...well...they turned out super cute...only my white tissue paper is not white.  That's what I get for buying tissue paper from the dollar store.  I need to look at factory card...I want to get some good ones with a possible pattern.

I scored a black lamp shade at target woo hoo and bought ceddy his chair.  Too cute.  I really want to put rugs in my kids rooms, but spen is so clumsy I know he would trip over them.

This house has so many projects going on.  Where to begin?????????? I am a super nerd and am going to start spen off each day with positive affirmations.  Once he mirror is put back up (still painting) I plan on writing a new one each day on it with dry erase marker.  I want him to have good self esteem.  He does somewhat now...but it's amazing what happy mantras and repetition will do for a person.  I want my family to start the day out right with happy thoughts.  Too often people become consumed with the negative aspects of life.  I say this with one breath and bitch in the other.  I guess today could be my trial run at things...only to be made better.  There, I'm being positive.  I just am tired of so much negative people and vibes.  It seems everyone has some chip on their shoulder or mean spirited remark. Let it go..and move on.

Ok...I need a wee little snack.  I lost another pound : )  Small victory for me.  Now I wonder if I can hit my goal weight by spens b-day...we'll see.

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