Monday, February 15, 2010

I want out!!!

I want to get out of this house.  I want warm weather!!!  I'm tired of snow. Ok..little vent of the day.  I have a long to do list sitting neatly in front of me.  But yet...I have no energy to do any of the tasks.  Pish posh.  I'll start on it later.  One major thing is to refill my meds.  I hate getting my levels body feels like crap for a small eternity and it effects everything...from my thinking to my heart.  I have two more pills.  I called last week to see if they could call in it's time for me to see if kroger received the call.

I'm tired of being inside.  I need to get a zoo membership.  I want to start walking there.  I'm down another POUND!!! Woo freaking hoo!!!  I'm so stoked.  I really need to start working out.  I found out videos yesterday...kinda depressing how skinny I was.  I know I can get back down...just sucks.

My V-day rocked.  We just hung around the house and cuddled a lot of the day.  Eric was super sweet.  He got up early in the morning with a head cold and ran to the store.  He made me breakfast in bed.  I love him so much.  It's funny because he knows me so well and told me it was ok if I didn't eat all my food.  He knows I'm not a big breakfast eater...hehehee.  He bought me chocolate covered strawberries. of all he had roses with little love notes attached to them throughout the house.  I love my guys.  Spen woke me up with a singing poem ( he wrote himself) and Ceddy just laughed and was his adorable self.  I'm truly blessed.  I told Eric I didn't want anything fancy...just something to show me he loves me.  I say he did well : )

I want to paint my house from the foundation to the roof!!!  This place is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did score some cool accent lights.  Well, see how long they last when cedric become mobile.  But they look nice.  I need to go buy my palm tree...yes that is my new obsession.  I need life in this house.  I hate that everything outside is dead.  Maybe, just maybe this one won't die.  I've been doing my research and found out I screwed up on a lot of factors with my old ones.  For starters I need a lower light one and palm soil.  Duhhhhh.

I have one more doctor bill and I will be done!!!  WOO HOOOOOOOO.  Cedric costs us over $2,000 bucks..not including the bills I had occurred up to delivery.  But he's paid in full....hehehe.  I need to pay off 20 bucks or so to spens ophthalmologist.  It's the little bills I forget to pay.  I need to make a dermatology appointment.  I hate their insurance companies...biggest rip offs. I used to work for Humana the devil himself.  Grrr....oh well...onto brighter topics...

Ok, just checked out he Zoo website...I think we are going to join the zoo and science center.  They have a package deal for $140.  We are planning on a road trip to florida this summer.  I want to see the keys and Spen needs to see the ocean.  He can barely remember it.  But the zoo has a lot of participating locations that we will get in free to.  So we can use it on our trip.  We are going to stop in South Carolina and Georgia.  I'm super excited,  I love the deep south.  I would love to live in a old non-haunted plantation.  But alas, I live in a 1980's house.  Maybe one day. A gal can dream.  I want to go to new england.  But we'll take that trip when the kids are older.  Spen is afraid of his own shadow and I would love to check out some old grave yards and homes.  That would not be a good idea. to start my non-productive day.  I hope I find some energy for laundry.

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