Saturday, February 6, 2010

Busy beessss...

That is exactly what Eric and I will be today.  We have a long list of things to do.  I have energy today.  Eric was awesome and took care of Ceddy last night.  I was too sick.  I had a horrific headache that just would not quit. 

The list that sits before me...

- fill ceds meds.
- buy paint and materials for spens pine wood derby car.  The boys are over the moon on that endever.
- Make frames.
- Paint a chair..that's iffy...the weather may not allow it to dry.
- Buy Cedric a chair.
- Buy Spen shoes.
- Finish painting the boys bathroom. (priming it)  It's nasty.
- Move the pool table.
- Fix the wall in the basement.
- Buy more paint for the theater room and boys bathroom.
- Buy two new memory sticks.
and much much more..............

This spring Eric and I are going to clean EVERY closet in this house out.  I can't stand it.  Along with drawers and file cabinets.  We are such pack rats.  I want to get organized!!!  My office looks awful.  I hate it.  It's cute just bombarded with crap. 

I want my french doors, new front door, fresh coat of paint on the windows outside, fresh coat of paint on all the trim in this house and stain the deck.  We might add onto it and add a hot tub.  That would be nice : )  We might put in a pool down the road...but they terrify me with kids.  A hot tub you can lock up.  Just a thought.  Eric says he wants a boat before a hot tub. Go figure.

This spring I want to go camping with the kids.  That would rock.  Spen will love it.  Ceddy not so much.  We will do a cabin, just because I have to heat up the bottles and don't want bugs covering ceddy. 

I'm still losing weight...this whole starvation diet is working...woo hoo.  Ok, I'm not starving myself...just cutting back on snacks and unnecessary foods.  I'm going to cut out coffee and let's see where that gets me this week.  I put way too much creamer in mine.  Hell, it taste more like hot chocolate than coffee.  UNNECESSARY calories.  So far I'm down 43 pounds. to start my day!!!!!!

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