Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm excited!!!

It's so pretty outside.  I want to take the kids to the park.  I walked yesterday and it felt so good to be outdoors in the sun.  I also scored a great rug yesterday from target for Ceddy's room for only 22 bucks...woo hoo bitches!!! It was an online only product.  I guess someone returned it to the store.  It was a pretty penny before the mark down.  It's really well made and thick.  I looked like a total nerd hauling it around it around target with Cedric in the cart and my cart full of other crap.  I ended up hurting my back...but a total score so worth the pain.  I was debating on area rugs for the kids rooms...I didn't want Spen to trip.   He's doing good so far and it really grounds the room.  I want to get a zebra print one for my office and one for spens room.  Above are some pics of the Ceddy's room.  Eric thinks I'm nuts for my hanging pom poms, but Ceddy likes looking at them.  They are like a giant mobile for his room.  I love his little man chair I bought.  Once he can crawl and is mobile I plan on taking out the glider and setting up a little reading/play area.  I want Eric to make him a tiny table to go with his chair.  I'm going to put wall book shelves up.  Spen had a table set in his room and he used it all the time.  I moved that set down stairs in the play room.  I have so many plans for downstairs.  I'm excited.  It's gorgeous out and I'm in a great mood..hopefully it will lasts.

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