Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I must....

- go to the grocery....I'm out of everything :(
- Get dressed...I'm sitting here in a bra and sweat pants because I was painting the boys bathroom and ceddy was not having any of that...so mom to the rescue... painting shirt had to come off to hold a screaming baby...
- finish painting the boys bathroom.  somehow....
-decide what new color to paint my bath and possible bedroom....eric will love this idea...eyes rolling
- make my sling...poor sewing project I have not forgotten about you.
- make a new craft project...thanks to the goddess martha stewart...head bows, an adorable mobile I plan on making ceddy.

I plan on making it more boyish...with different colors and no flowers.  Well, see.
- clean...everything and anything in my house..period.
-at some point i need to clean the fridge and the microwave....maybe when hell freezes over.

I'm giggly nervous...my new bedding comes in tomorrow.  I have no idea what it looks like in person...there was no reviews online about it.  So fingers crossed it's not too ugly.  Our bedroom needs a drastic makeover.  As does my hair.

I'm down another half pound.  I have 28.5 pounds to get to my goal weight.  Wish me luck.  I need to really start working out.  Sitting in bed watching tv lifting 2 pound weights really doesn't count.  ha!

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