Sunday, February 21, 2010

Self awareness...

Self awareness is a foreign concept to some people, but at some point one must wake up to their life look around and realize they have a hand in some of the outcomes laying before them.  Who you surround your self with, the negative thoughts that run through your mind, and the decisions that you make everyday no matter how minuet they may seem all dictate your life.  I'm not speaking of people inflicted with illness, disease, or death...but the simple people who whine and complain that life sucks simply need to step up and take control of their life.  if you surround yourself with losers, negative thinkers or mere jerkfaces then at some point that will creep in.  Sounds all like common sense to me...but most people lack it.

I normally do not comment about my political or religious views on here, but something has really been bothering me.  How certain "super christian" people do not realize that anything that consumes you, anything that you obsess over, anything that is too exactly that.  I know a few people like that.  I think a lot of times these people are followers clinging to a life they need to live to feel justified.  They need to feel like they are living for a cause. They need to belong with other people.  These are often the people who fear what others think and secretly contemplate are they "christian enough" behind closed doors. It's funny to me because they really don't see how they are so similar to the people they condemn to hell.  Too much of anything is a bad thing.  When does it stop becoming a religion and start becoming an obsession is an important question these individuals need to ask themselves.  Not every book you read has to be devoted to God.  Not every movie nor every blog entry or update must pertain to the God.  It's kinda depressing how they belittle God, they think they must dedicate every aspect of their lives to God, but lack the true understanding of him.  He created you, and I'm sure he would want you to enjoy the life he has given you.  I highly doubt God is a narcissistic creator as many Christians lead others to believe.  He is understanding and all loving.  It blows my mind how so many christians cannot grasp that.  They speak of his love, and grace, but have no clue to what it truly means.  They walk around trying to be perfect when in their hearts know no one is.  I believe God has a sense of humor.  It would only make sense if it is a characteristic that we have...he would share.

Another aspect of Christianity that annoys me is the judging.  Who are we to judge another?  I mean really, who's right is it to judge another persons sexuality, lifestyle or beliefs.  If God created a person, I'm sure he made them the way they are for a reason.  There are few times I feel is it ok to discuss a persons life in judgment....and that is when children are involved or abuse is occurring.  I have no patience for abusers and people who simply are selfish.  That has nothing to do with religious views, but rather simple respect of fellow humans.  Being selfish and choosing to abuse is not a personal right or "the way someone was born", it's choosing to make that decision and following through with your actions.
I hate claiming my religion as christian because often times I'm lumped into the large amount of cruel judgmental christians that have no real concept of Christianity.  These people simply want to belong to a club, they want to be the norm and jump on whatever bandwagon that is socially acceptable that day.  I know I'm not perfect, I know that I make stupid decisions, I know I like to cuss, I like to laugh and most of all I am not politically correct and have a dark sided sense of humor, but God made me this way : )  So I will not purge myself from my feelings, emotions nor will I turn my back from my gay friends, friends who are atheists or strangers with different lifestyles or beliefs.  To me Christianity is Christ like and Jesus was a hippie who hung out with the whores, thieves and basically a lot of the rejects of the day.  Forcing your views down others throats is not the "christian" thing to do, but simply rude thing to do.  Live by example, be a good person and let others see how good you truly are by your actions.

Me personally I believe there are different paths to God.  I think it's arrogant to believe otherwise and that any one religion is the "only " way.  I'm a christian because this is how I was raised and the path I have chosen.  But I will never knock down Judaism, Muslim, or Buddhism.  Any religion for that matter. ( Besides Scientology...sorry tom're nuts..ha! )  But whatever works for you is your choice, God created you and he knows what you are attracted to and what works for you.  I've had atheists friends tell me if God created me with a scientific mind then he should know why I don't believe.  I support that 100%.  He is understanding...and like all the lovely oooober christians sing loud everyday ...God makes no mistakes.  Now they need to see that this pertains to all aspects, not just the ones that coordinate with what they agree with.

Also, I find it hilarious how some people are mislead that people do not market christianity.  They sell t-shirts, bumper stickers, hell even figurines.  Have you had the chance to visit Gatlinburg?  That place is full of the marketing of Christ.  I think it's funny how all the white people have this iconic image of Jesus with flowing blondish hair with blue eyes, tan and handsome.  Hummm....he was a jew from the middle east people and he looked like one.
Ok...since it is sunday I've had my religious experience for the day : )  Ha!  Today I have a long day filled with  house work and painting.  I also need to tackle spens homework project and decide what costumes I'm going to make for his play at school.  Off to start the day I go.......

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