Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New ideas...

So I've been in search of crafts to do for cedric.  Holy hell I've become overwhelmed.  I found a new sling I want to try to make.  Ceddy is getting so he likes to look out and see what's going on. I found some carriers I like but I refuse to pay $140 for one.  So I'm going to attempt to make a Mei Tai carrier.  They seem really awesome.  I'm nervous about the tying aspect of it. But I think it has more room than a moby.  So I'm going to give it a try.  I'm super excited.  I have some material, but I need to buy some black to contrast with what I bought. 

Cedric has on his first pair of babylegs.  He looks so cute.  I found a site showing how to make yet another project I will be undertaking.  They are so cute and you can make them from just adult socks.  So the possibilities are endless : )  I had him dancing to lady gaga...not sure if that's a good thing or not...leggins on and club music...hummmm.....hehehheheee.

I contacted the school of rock and they said they might have a kid band that can play spens birthday party!!!  I'm so excited.  I go overboard on kids parties.  It's an addiction...but I want my kids to have the most magical childhood ever.  I'm a nerd.  I was looking around on oriental trading and found some cool rock n roll party supplies.  The only problem is where to have it.  I'm debating on doing it at my house just because I would feel like a true jackass if the cops were called for the noise at a 7 year olds party. Ha!  This is still up in the air.  I have to see what I can get organized.

Here are the carriers. 

I need coffee...I am sluggish.  I'm excited to start on my projects.  I think I might go to the fabric store today and look around. to start the day.  Nothing like a sleeping baby on your chest to make you happy : )

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