Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New adventures....

Why oh why do I mention things to Eric. He's out in the garage looking for wood to make me some frames. I found some at ikea I like...showed him and he thinks he can make them. He probably can...but buying them would be much easier.

I have a long list sitting in front of me of things to do.

-thank you cards
-re-hanging my curtains
-making a cd
-mailing the cd
-returning my movies
-repairing a wall
-revamping my website
-find my photo books
-and painting around a window...

Not to mention cleaning and laundry.

Alli is sleeping over tonight. I love having a house full of kids. I took her to get her nails done today...spen tagged along. It was cute. He asked her if she felt like she was on a beach while she was having her nails dry under the lights. I guess all the florida-esq pics on the wall made him think so.

We took Ceddy to the doctor today...he is a chubby little guy. Almost 12 lbs. He had a growth spurt this month. He has been eating non-stop. He can't take over 4 oz or he will spit up...so he will wait 15-20 minutes after a feeding and want more. So I talked with the doctor and he told me to try some cereal...so I did and he LOVED it. His formula already has cereal in it. He's sleeping good right now :) I also added some applesauce to his feeding. He loved that too. I'm going to start feeding him one meal a day. Pediatricians usually don't want solids until later because people are dumb and feed the baby primary solids forgetting the importance of formula. Yes, solids sit on their tummy longer, but they need the fat in formula...fat is essential in a baby's development. People are dumb and usually take the easy way out of everything. Ceddys doing awesome. The doctor prescribed him some more meds too. So we'll see how that works out. Right now paying $138 a month...sucks.

Eric has been off since the day before xmas. It's been nice. ok...off to start that to-do list.

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